I just wanted to let the Quiz Banker community know that I am in the middle of updating the Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II courses, specifically for alignment to the standards (there were some errors, which I will correct) and adding the January exams for those three courses as well.

We have also contracted someone to typeset the June 2018 items, and I will add those as well once they are ready to go.

I just started trying to use this, but when I try to create the quiz, I get the prompt to name the quiz, then there is a swirling circle indicating that it's working, but then I get a red error message NaN and on the Quiz Bank sheet, nothing appears.

I have been using the add-on (and loving it pretty regularly) but in the past week I have found a lot of errors. Some are minor (like the inclusion of words that do not belong in the problems), but others are more significant--for example a Multiple Choice question said square root of three when the original regents said square root of two--unfortuantely the answers still matched the original question so there was no correct answer.

(The errors I have found recently have all been from the Algebra II Regents from June 2017)

I have used this add-on several times this year without issue. Currently I cannot get past Step one. I keep getting the following issue: Step 1
Select one or more courses from the list below then click Get questions. info image

Get questions
ScriptErrorAuthorization is required to perform that action.

The course options do not appear and I get the above error message. Please provide assistance.


There's so much potential with this new add-on, thank you. Is there an easy way to feed this straight into a Google Form? Or is that still manual work to bring everything over from the generated Google Doc?
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