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Workers also learn about various kinds of scaffolding and their load-bearing capacities and must be tested on their understanding both practically and theoretically, if at all possible.

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Round 7 of the great and huge Techempower Bnechmark has been released and this time TreeFrog is in it too! Unfortunately it underperforms even scripted frameworks. But unlike them TF has a lot of free room to get better. As I've stated before TreeFrog needs a proper architecture and that will be a huge task. Just a bit of fine tuning won't do! But this can be done. For this though we need help. So if you're interested please let me know.

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Don't ever be clear and concise, be obscure and opaque in your code! The best tips on how to grab onto your job and become the guru no one dares to contradict. :D

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What do you say about this table? Do you think this is relevant to the C++ community? And do you think that it would help the (bad) myths about C++ to disapear?

"Some attempts were made to put some C# in Windows Mobile (e.g. the soft keyboard). The result was judged too slow to be incorporated in the final product and was reverted to C++." C# is as fast as C++ you say or even faster? ROFL

What are expensive computations on a server that can profit from a fast web-service? Or what are knowledge-intensive services that could be offered over a webpage?

I am trying to get some inspiration for an enhancement for the #TreeFrog webframework.

TreeFrog 1.7.2 has been released:
  – Plugin loading of Qt5 is supported.
  – Post method by JSON data is supported.
  – A bug of access validation was fixed.
  – A bug of specifying Mongo operators was fixed.
  – MongoDB Driver was updated to version 0.8.1.
  – Other bug fixes.

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Aoyama-San, the creator of TreeFrog has submitted the latest version of TF (v1.7) to be included into the huge benchmark tests of web-frameworks from TechEmpower. Let's hope it'll be included in the 7th round. This is especially interesting since he integrated epoll to the Linux implementation of TF which should result in substantial peformance increases.

What I also hope is to see where there are fields of improvements. Since I want to focus on architecture and performance.

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I need help from you to reverse-document the architecture and design of TreeFrog. If you can spend a few hours with me to assess and make some useful #UML diagrams then pls let me know here.

Free Tool we could use:

In this group the actual development and future of the TreeFrog framework can be discussed!

This group is meant to have only support topics on TreeFrog!
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