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Fijne Dag Allemaal,

Is er nog iemand in deze groep dat Nederlands wil praten?

holaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que paso como esta el grupo?

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Hey guys. Nice to see that our community is growing. Feel free to share info about this community on your social networks. With more members, we can help each other more actively.

I am planning to organize the first hangout in the next week.

Meanwhile, please give a brief introduction about yourself, your Dutch level and motivation to learn Dutch.

Let me introduce myself and my reasons to learn Dutch. I am a Masters student in Belgium. Learning languages is my hobby and although one can get by without learning any Dutch in Belgium, I find it quite rewarding to learn the local language. I feel more integrated and immersed in the daily life in a new country this way. That's why I enrolled myself in intensive language courses. At present, I am at level B1 or simply upper intermediate level of Dutch. Although I try to make use of my Dutch in daily life, sometimes it's simply not enough. This is especially true for people who don't live in Dutch speaking countries. That's why I started this community and I believe we can help each other in achieving our common goal to improve our Dutch. I look forward to see you in the hangouts and a fun experience with speaking Dutch.

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Wanna practice speaking in Dutch? Then join us for regular theme based Dutch conversation hangouts.

This is a community for practicing conversation in Dutch. If you are a native Dutch speaker or learning Dutch, you are welcome to help others. Learners of Dutch are welcome to join the community and improve your conversation skills in Dutch through regular hangouts. Every hangout will be based on a particular topic or theme so you are encouraged to do some preparation. Feel free to share your ideas and topics for the hangouts. Join this community for updates.

Happy practicing Dutch ;)
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