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hello everyone

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Name: Scourge
Age: 30 moons
Personality: Funny, Strong, Protective
Species: White Tiger
Rank: Warrior/Protector
Gender: Male
Bio: Scourge is a warrior and protector for the Silver Clan. He is also the protector of Silverstar and is more of a big brother to her.

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Moons:1 moon
Live:In the forest close to thunder clan camp
Personality:friendly, fun,loyal,loves to play with kits but get chased away,lonely, eats mostly mice rabbits and birds but no kits or cats
Bio:lived with mom dad and 3 brothers but a fire burned down my den I escaped in time but not my family so lives on my own and eats what ever the cats had left over in the forest. But one time I walked into thunder clan but got chased away.I have to defend myself.
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Name- Scar
Age- 15 moons 
Rank- Hunter
Gender- Female 
Bio- Ran away from family at the age  of 4 moons, i have taught my self to hunt and survive. I have scar's all over my body to show all the fights I have been in. Messing with me will be your last decision ever.

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name: BlackClaw
age: 25 moons
rank: warrior
gender: tom
Bio: BlackClaw  was a apprentice one day there was a battle with one of the clans. his mentor Darkfur was killed in the battle now he is a warrior   
last names he had : blackkit, Blackpaw

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name: Slypaw
Age: 7 moons
rank: apprentice
Gender: She-cat
Bio: Slypaw is very shy but very loving and is a quick learner and great hunter. She once brought in a full size raven.
Previous names: Slykit

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Name: Sandyclaw
age: 19 moons
rank: warrior
Gender: tom
Bio: Sandyclaw is a loyal warrior and is very protective.
Last names he had: sandykit, sandypaw

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name: Silverstar
age: 26 moons
rank: leader
gender: she cat
Bio: she was a Warrior until her old leader featherstar got killed from an intruder and now silverstar is now leader of silver clan
last names she had : Sliver paw, silver stream
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