+Ruby Anne Rose Black and +Emily Sandoval are u guys on?

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Name: Navy Blue
Name origin: A dark blue
Age: 17
Place of Birth: Vale
Current residence: Dorm with team at Beacon
Pronouns: He/him

Values: A locket given to him by his father before he died.
Likes: Girls, friends, soccer.
Dislikes: Bullies.
Religion: Atheist

Appearance (Picture optional.)
Hair: Black
Eyes: White
Skin: Pale
Body-type: Skinny
Clothes: Wears jeans, navy blue hoodie, nikes, and white t-shirt.
Accessories: That locket

Weapon: Scythe. Just a scythe.
Mode of transportation: Tends to spin his scythe fast enough to soar into the air for a short while.

Occupation: First year student at Beacon
Semblance: Water manipulation. This includes all states of water, like solid and gas.
Strengths: Can endure a lot of pain.
Weaknesses: Gets angry easily causing him to lash out without thinking.
Goals: To stay strong.
Hobbies: Enjoys carving.

Friends: Silver, Sienna
Relationship status: Single
What others know: No one knows his full name, the existence of his locket, or the story behind it.  ((+Emily Sandoval ALL THIS CREDIT GOES TO HER THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!))

+Emily Sandoval I just wanted to thank u again for drawing my character!

+Ruby Anne Rose Black and +Emily Sandoval are u guys on

~Full Character Sheet for RWBY, The Role play~
Name: Italy Dell
Name origin: (Optional. Are you part of a color generation? What color is it? Maybe your name is something mythological!)
Nickname: Italy
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 1/20
Place of Birth: (Optional. You can be as discreet as “a dark place” or as detailed as the room of this hospital in this city in this country.)
Current residence: Vale
Sex: (Optional.)
Pronouns: Italy or she or her
Sexuality: (Optional.)

Personality: (Optional. Any cool traits? Any quirks of interest? Optimistic or pessimistic? Compassionate or self-involved? Meyers Briggs? Confident, volatile, shy, aggressive, friendly, remote, cautious, brave, reckless, etc.)
Biography: (Optional.)
Values: (Optional. Family, money, success, religion, etc.)
Likes: (Optional. People, food, books, music, quotes, drinks, films, sports, possessions, colors. TV shows, hangouts, etc.)
Dislikes: (Optional. People, food, books, music, quotes, drinks, films, sports, possessions, colors. TV shows, hangouts, etc.)
Fears: (Optional.)
Religion: (Optional. Could be anything especially since we’re in a fictional world.)
Personal philosophy: (Optional.)
Psychological issues: (Optional. Phobias, depression, paranoia, narcissism, etc.)

Appearance (Picture optional.)
Hair: Long Pink hair Braided over my shoulder with a gold streak
Eyes: Pink Gold
Face-shape: (Optional. Round, oval, chubby, thin, long, square, heart-shaped, etc)
Skin: Tan
Body-type: Athletic
Other features: (Optional. Freckles, moles, scars, tattoos, vitiligo, etc.)
Clothes: Pink gold and Black combat skirt
Accessories: Necklace
Posture: Straight
Voice: (Optional. Fast, average, slow, shrill, high, deep, squeaky, hoarse, educated, pretentious, vulgar, etc.)
Accent/dialect: (Optional.)
Ethnic Background: (Optional. Faunus? Asian? Asian faunus?)

Weapon: Double sided sword one side shoots fire one side shoots ice. Can fold up into a small metal piece to fit in a sling on the back of my skirt.
Mode of transportation: Glyphs
Other: (Optional.)
Pets: Snow wolve

Occupation: Student
Semblance: Glyphs
Strengths: Hand fighting
Weaknesses: (What is s/he unskilled at? Must be equal and opposite to your strengths.)
Goals: To become a huntress
Habits: (Optional. Nail-biting, hair patting, drumming fingers, shuffling cards, prone to bursts of emotion, etc.)
Hobbies: Sports

Friends: Team Rwby, JNPR
Relationship status: Dating Rome Cansrel
Family: (Optional.)
Mentors/Idols: (Optional. Who taught you how to use that weapon? Who do you fight for or to be like?)
What others know: (Optional. What is common to everyone? Who knows only certain things about you?)

~Character Sheet – Requirements only~
Name: Rome Cansrel
Age: 18
Current residence: Vale
Pronouns: (He/him, she/her, they/them, ze/zir, any, etc.)

Hair: Brown with a gold streak
Eyes: One gold one silver
Skin: Tan
Weapon: Sword and shield can fold up into a small metal piece along with the shield to fit in his arm things

Occupation: Student
Semblance: Can read minds
Strengths: (Skills.)
Weaknesses: (What is s/he unskilled at? Must be equal and opposite to your strengths.)
Semblance: can read minds

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