Journey has begun for all of us to meet the Lord to where He is!

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Scammed - The Cost of NOT Doing Business Locally written by Rick Kirkham

I had a church member call me stating he could not get into his web based email (ie Yahoo,, Gmail etc.) I went through the normal procedures. Clicked on forgot your password etc.. The problem was he didn’t have a backup email, cell phone and I’m not convinced his home phone number was even up to date. 


Now this church member knows I’m a full time, self-employed in home computer tutor and a virus removal specialist her in Honolulu Hawaii. He also knows I have a remote computer service. He decided to go with the remote computer service from a well known country known for outsourced telephone support and solicitation.,8121.msg8303.html     

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How to Download and Import Mailing Lists from

I was moved to start an organization called but, to let organizations such churches know of my service and organization I needed a way to contact these organizations even if they didn’t have an email address or website. Furthermore they probably get hundreds of emails per day and ANYONE from business to charitable organizations are more likely to look at a postcard or letter than an email. Take note folks. A postcard will get you a better return rate than an email.

One Address at a Time is Just Too Slowwwwwwwwwwwww!,7436.msg7608.html   

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Computer Experts Helping Computer Users with Extra Tight Budgets     

 What Truly Moved Me to Start 
 Later That Night…
 Now It Begins…
 How To Find a Computer Expert in Your Area
 How to Get Listed as a Computer Expert for Your Area
 How to Post Your Computer Expertise to The  Board Section of The Christian Business Network
 Spread The Word,6566.0.html  

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thank you Lord!

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Aloha Ella,

I joined, but can you tell me what this group is about?


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