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anyone wanna do a slugterra hrp? needs to play as a female...doesnt matter if you are a dude or not, just so long as you can play a female and know how the slugterra world works
the pics are of my slug and my character

starter: i arrived at slugterra a few days ago, after finding my way to a town i find a knocked out grunt from Black's army, next to him was a blaster and a ghouled slug. the guy looked happy to see me and hugged my face, i then made a bond with him and we went downtown. you where walking by when you saw my slug and thought i was with black, you then challanged me to a slug out, then you...
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(I just use the ears,tail,hair,and clothes.Im not a furry.)

We were hip hop buddies and always sang together unless we couldent make it.One day,we were going to sing together a love song.You knock on my door but it opens,and you find me dressing up.I blush madly as i see you enter "(Y-Y/N)!!!!"

Any girls want to rp on hangouts if so just message me on hangouts

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Anyone want to rp on hangouts cause if so this is meh character




Will anyone rp with me if I post my character

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Name: Add Ceruno
Age: 19
Likes: Tech savvy, cute girls, robotics
Dislikes: Not much.

((Open for anyone))

I pulled myself out of the pool. You'd been watching me the whole time, wanting me so badly. I grabbed a towel and walked to the locker room. You followed silently. As I turned around, you bumped into me hi, cutie... I smirked. I quickly looked behind you you've been watching me, haven't you? I'm Mikasa

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Name: C.J.
Likes: Weed, Shooting people, his homies
Dislikes: enemy Gangs

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Hi I'm new here!
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