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Here is the format for you profiles.  
Villain or hero: Dark or light magic (If you are a villain you would have dark and if you are a hero you would have light magic. Dark magic is stronger then light magic)
Powers (If you have any you are limited to have only two powers. Only two.):

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"Why so Serious?"
"Beyond evil, is insanity, and beyond insanity, is me"
"Knock knock . . . Not your parents! Hahahaha!"
Real Name: Jamie
Hero/Villian Name: J
Nickname: None
Family: None, but thinks she is related to batman
Friend(s): None
Enemy(s): The BatFamily, and whoever else gets in her way of killing Batman
Age: 16
Height: 5'4
Pets: None
Personality: Insane, Dark sence of humor, Happy
Sexuality: Straight
Outfit(s): Picture
Hair Style: Picture
Bio: Jamie is a clone of Batman and Joker, somehow, someone got Batman and Joker's DNA and with it, created J. J was implanted with memories of living with Batman, and harsh memories of it. Since she is also part Joker, with the memories she immediately set out to get revenge from Batman. No one knows who created her, but whoever did knows the Batman's identity. She was given the name J because I don't know how to name people, lol. 

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Name: Kelly Enigma
Nickname: The Riddler
Mother: unknown (deceased)
Father: Edward Enigma
Enemy's: Batman and others who will stand in her way.
Age: 20
Height: 6ft
Gender: Female
From: Gotham City
Goal: to take down the new Batman.
Minion's: Thugs that work for her, and gun dealers, Hackers, and professional Martial artist's.
Powers: none, but she has surprising strength and hacking skills, knife throwing skills and great at shooting and also a gymnast and knows Martial arts.
Wepons: A green glowing ridder staff whoever touches it would get quite a shock, Two pistols, green gravity boots, riddler shaped throwing knives, a disrupter device, and green hidden snare traps.
Wears: (can also use picture) a green riddler hat and green hair, green eyes, a green jacket and shirt with riddle marks on it an a armor vest under it to protect her, Black pants, green gravity boots.
Favorite Quotes: “Riddle me this!"
Bio: Unknown but she is highly dangerous in fights, and also killed 30 people during a robbery and exploded a factory in Gotham.
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