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When you have questions in Munger, there are a variety of places to find the answers. As Social Media is not the preferred method for communicating with building leadership.

We've pooled our resources and here is a list of contacts to go to for a response to some of the most common questions you may have:

Question about assignments or contract:

Billing questions:

Community Center or Questions about Day-to-Day Operations:

Technology Problems: 734-764-4357

Munger Leadership Team:

Something is broken or maintenance issue:
What if it’s an emergency? If a repair cannot wait until the next business day please call the Plant Operations Call Center at 734.647.2059. An emergency is defined as loss of water, heat or electricity, electrical hazards, flooding, fire, elevator entrapment, gas leaks, lockouts or lock problems, Insects/Pests or any condition that poses a significant imminent threat or potential hazard to the student, suite, or the community.

Reaching other residents: Post on the Facebook and Google+ page

Please note not all of the email groups are monitored on the weekends or after business hours. You can anticipate an average response time of within two business days when contacting the Community Center and Leadership Team, for example.

Thank you,

The Munger Leadership Team

So a question....

With this new policy of Munger resident UM-ID cards being required to get into floors 2-7, how are we supposed to hold events in our suites that will embrace the transdisclipinary vision of what Munger was meant to be?

Last year, my suite held:
Potsticker Night (25+ people from different schools)
Multiple game nights (25+ people from different schools)
Black History Month trivia night (15+ people from different schools)
Taiwanese Business Student Association x Asian-American Business Association Hotpot Night (40+ students)
Chicken & Waffle gathering (25+ people from different schools)

This new system appears to promote more people staying in the comfort of the confines of what their schools have to offer. How are we supposed to be able to hold event similar to the ones I was able to hold last year under this new system?

How long does the fire alarm testing last in each room/apt?

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If anyone would like to browse past issues of The Economist to catch up with world affairs (or just distract yourself from impending finals) - I have left my past issues in the Lower Lobby South Lounge :)

Feel free to pick any of them up but do return them for everyone's benefit. 

Anyone in Munger have a new macbook pro charger I could borrow for about an hour right now?? 

Hey Munger, I wanted to gauge interest in a bi-weekly "Healthcare Management, Innovation, Policy and Economics" journal club. These are areas of particular interest to me, but not things I get much exposure to currently in the MD curriculum. Would be awesome to leverage the experience of the variety of people we have in Munger (med, pharm, public health, MBA, stats, public policy, social work, engineering, law, etc.) to learn more about healthcare, not to mention network with future leaders in the field.

My idea is that a couple of students might pair up to present a paper at each session, and then the larger group could discuss. Ideally each paper would feature a prototypical study design, statistical model, business concept, policy area, etc. so that the group can take away a tangible fluency/skill from each session. Topics could range from payment reform to outcomes research, interprofessional teamwork, LEAN methodologies in healthcare, devices/pharma, etc. etc. Really whatever you guys are interested in learning about/ gaining fluency in!

Another thing to add to everybody's schedules I know, but healthcare is the prototypical interdisciplinary challenge society faces and we have a unique opportunity in Munger to learn from each other and develop skills/ broaden fluency across the disciplines that will impact its delivery in the coming years. Respond to this post or shoot me an email at if you're at all interested!

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Hi, everyone! I'm working with a local Metro Detroit comedy club to improve their advertising methods. If you have a few minutes, I'd really appreciate it if you could fill out this survey. Thanks so much!

AURORA WATCH ANNOUNCEMENT: Hi all, There is strong chance of a serious geomagnetic storm (getting up to 7 Kp tomorrow night) coming our way in the next 30 minutes - 36 hours (space weather's tough to predict).

It would be tough to see in Ann Arbor (too much light pollution), but should be visible outside the city. I plan on doing a trial run tonight, seeing how far away I have to drive and depending on that, maybe I can take some people with me tomorrow night.

Let me know if you're interested and/or if you have a car and would be willing to drive people

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Hey everyone, I need 2 tickets to the Rutgers game, please let me know if you are selling yours! Thank you :) 
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