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Here's the code I just wrote for downloading certs and installing them into the correct location.

Designed for FreeBSD (it uses fetch, not wget or curl [yet]).

It also uses sudo, with the goal of this running as non-root and only allowing the cp & mv via sudo.

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Back when I entered in Telmex 11 years ago or so, we used all FreeBSD systems for our little webhosting, with the years, that changed a little because of the difficulties to find other people who dared to edit into the source code of programs and discover the problem needed to be fixed, so slowly some of the new servers were Linux (luckily RHEL in our case).
I don't understand this announcement of chart, what they think "supercomputers" were running before Linux? and even now, all the IBM AIX, HP UX, even Solaris..
am I just too old now or wrong?

After some tiny ports vs pkgng discussion (like half a year ago) +Arto Pekkanen pointed me to poudriere for packages that aren't built the way I want them.

My machine was completely built with ports at that time so switching wasn't an option.. too much dependency-stuff that pkg autoremove would screw up (or at least I was afraid it would).

So I installed a new server and decided to go with the packages and take a dive in poudriere for those packages that come with too much dependencies (samba36)or too little options(nginx).

Holy crap! Poudriere is seriously cooll!!

There's one thing I can't seem to figure out though.. I want samba36 built and installed from my Poudriere repo.. But those dependencies can come from the original FreeBSD repo.. is there a way to not build the dependencies so pkg installs them from the official FreeBSD repo?
I could install them by hand but then they wouldn't autoremove once I uninstall samba..

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As i'm not very found of *buntu distros, i'm not sure i'm happy to see this ;) . But in other hand, perhaps it will help more people enjoy the BSD style and help them to migrate to real flavor...

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I am facing an issue.
My FreeBSD server reboots alone 2-3 days.
Sometimes, the reboot goes wrong and the system stays on this ...

Somebody could explain me what it could be?

Does installation from ports has any performance advantage? Is it worth the time and power required for ports installations?

On my new installation I am thinking of doing mostly binary installs and only some ports installations like dri, xorg, DE's, etc. Probably buildkernel too if it has any serious advantage.

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Hello; I have been out of the FreeBSD scene for almost 3 years, now I'm getting things straight again, and planning on setup a local LAMP & mail server @ home. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo with a DDR2 512mb RAM module (It's all the DDR2 memory I have left). The motherboard is a Micro ATX ASUS, which also has video card onboard, which I assume will use memory from the RAM; sadly, the motherboard only supports PCI-E video cards, and I only have AGP video card to spare.
Which version of FreeBSD would be the better solution for this
project? and which setup?
I don't really care for a windows manager too much, I plan to attach an old CRT monitor to the machine, but will do most of the work via local SSH. Thanks in advance.

Hey nice guys,

I´m installing my BSD O.S. and in ZFS conf. I´m in doubt whether I force 4K sectors or not as I´m not sure whether my HDD is Advanced Format or not ?

Do you guys know any possible way I can find for sure if my HDD has that feature ?

Hey nice guys, here I am again...

After the error in pc-bsd I decided to install plain bsd, downloaded 10.1 version at freebsd website , usbstick img, and installed.

Created a partition in the same HDD I got my windows, used UFS and MBR table, the installation went well, after reboot I ended up remembering I don't have a dual boot manager, when the system rebooted, it said:

Verifying DMI Pool data...
Missing operating system

Well though I have 2 O.S. now I can't access them, how can I sort things out now????

Sorry for so many questions, I'm still a lammer in BSD. 
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