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Got some great games and conversation going on

Considering a Friday night gaming night here at my place. Is there an interest? let me know....

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Our new site is up and running.. Still a few updates to go.. But stop on in and give us a look. http://www.pvgg.org/

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Our Site is back up an running . It has been completely overhauled and we are adding content as fast as we can.. Thank you Thomas Regan for all you work on the site..

Great job getting the maps up online. :) They are very helpful for story ideas I have.

I finally checked my email and came over...:)

Indeed it was. I should also add that we meet as a group every 4 to  6 weeks .  Follow the website as we will be posting a schedule of meetings after the first business meeting post RetroCon.  Any interested parties should stop by or contact us via the web master link on the web site.

This years PVGG Retro game was a blast.. Hope all had fun
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