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Want your photos edited? That's great! Don't know how to do it? That's OK!

Don't matter what, just want a group edit of you and some friends, a wedding, just a regular party? Maybe even a baby shower ;)

In the REQUEST PHOTOS thread in the drop down menu. You need to have:
1. Type of party or just a regular photo shoot.
2. Number of people to be in photo
3. What type of background you want ( examples: waterfall, the beach, a castle, etc. If you have a background you want for the picture that is fine )

After I respond to your post.

You will need to add me to your circle (can be temporarily, fine by me) only to privately post to me the pictures of the dolls in your photos. Just so the community don't get overloaded with a bunch of random photos.

Be patient as editing photos do take a lil time and I am doing this on my free time. Please remember that. I can promise I will have the "photo shoot" done on the same day as requested.
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