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The toolbox is now on GitHub, to facilitate collaboration:

v0.4 is up in the Master branch.
v0.5 is in progress, in the develop branch.
Feel free to contribute your own code, and if you'd like to work towards a major feature get in touch so we can discuss the best way to do that.

I'm new in using Light Field Toolbox
I want to ask if there is any tutorial as how to use this functions please

Dear Dr. Donald Dansereau and LF community

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and the great toolbox with the community of researchers!

I am learning to use your great Matlab LF toolbox!

My query is how do we get all sharp sub-aperture images, as the decoded sub-aperture image are focused only on a particular portion of the image when decoded using Light Field Toolbox ?

Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know of software to view Light Field images in VR?

Hi there,

we're working on determining metric depth maps from lightfield images and I've become a bit confused by the results of calibration process in the Lightfield Toolbox.

Should the initial focal length estimate determined by the calibration procedure be similar to focal length described within the camera when it was taken? Currently the calibration images we are using are taken at a focal length of 100mm, however the initial estimate from the script is in the 2000mm range, is this typical?

In Dr Dansereau's Thesis the estimated focal length is the equal to the separation between the microlens array and the main lens. In the case of the Lytro Illum, the camera we're using, 2000mm would be outside of the camera.

Thanks in advance,

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Dear Dr. Donald Dansereau and LF community

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and the great toolbox with the community of researchers!

I am learning to use your great matlab LF toolbox. However, I find that the images extraced by this toolbox is different with Lytro Desktop in colour, please see the attached results. The result I get by running function LFUtilProcessWhiteImages and LFUtilDecodeLytroFolder with/without 'ColourCorrect' option.

Could you please give me some hints about this problem? How can I get the same image with Lytro Desktop by using your toolbox?

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot for your time!

Best regards

Jun Li

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Hello Dr.Dansereau and LF community
I am currently learning the calibrating procedure according to the LF.toolbox v0.4.
The problem is that I don't know the differences between the focal length in the calibration result and the focal length in the metadata. The result of the calibration demo in the toolbox shows that the focal length of the main length is about 557.67 557.67 as shown below. But the parameters in the metadata show that the focal length is 0.00644999... and the foucsStep is 582.
I am quite confused what the differences between these parameters, especially 0.00644 is far different from 582 and how can I get a relatively precise estimate of the focal length of the main lens. Thank you for your attention。
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I am searching for light field dataset for saliency detection (LFSD). This LFSD dataset was available on website here (, but it's currently closed and the authors didn't reply at all. Is here anyone who already downloaded this dataset?

Dear LF community

I am currently doing various basic image processing with the Lytro first-generation camera. This community has helped me greatly in my current studies. This is similar to the one I asked before, but I have two major questions that I ask for help.
First, the four corners of the image which derived from 'LFUtilDecodeLytroFolder' are not clear. Is it natural in using LFtoolbox (WhiteImageprocess-> LFUtilDecodeLytroFolder)?
Secondly, as far as I know, when I call the LFUtilDecodeLytroFolder function, the focus and zoom settings are matched with Whiteimage.mat and the function brings an appropriate Whiteimage.
If I have to create my own Whiteimages, should I also take a picture for each zoom and focus setting?

Thank you.

Best regards
Myeongseob Ko

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