Does anyone wanna roleplay- Subaru x Yuzkio aka me Y/N

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Warning: Do NOT flirt with my Ruki! He is engaged and if you do I will block you. You have been warned.

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☪ .⊹・。✧゚ Rᴜᴋɪ Mᴜᴋᴀᴍɪ

Tнe Mιdɴιɢнт Roѕe

Name ~
Ruki Mukami Grey

Kanji ~
(無神 ルキ Mukami Ruki)

Nicknames ~
Midnight Rose, Master Mukami, Lord Mukami, The King of Hell, King Ruki, Your Majesty, Mr Mukami

Born ~
April 24th

Age ~
Eighteen (physically)

Birthplace ~
London, England

Current residence ~
Mukami Manor

Star sign ~

Species ~
Human (formerly)

Height ~
180 cm (5'11")

Weight ~
64 kg (141 lb)

Significant Other ~
Liam Gehereauser
Played by +Chʀɨsȶɨǟռ Gʀɛʏ

Family ~

Ruki "Greybell" Mukami (Twin brother)
Alois Mukami (Brother-in-law)

Autumn Mukami (Niece)
Teresa Mukami (Niece)

Kuro/Stefan Gehereauser (Son)
Edgar Michaelis (Eldest son from Sebastian Michaelis)

Kou Mukami (Adoptive younger brother)
Yuma Mukami (Adoptive younger brother)
Asuza Mukami (Adoptive younger brother)
Antoine Mukami (Adoptive younger brother)

Physical appearance ~

Ruki is a handsome young man with short ruffled hair colored with black on top and white on the tips. He has blue-grey eyes and also three black piercings on his right ear. Ruki has two large scars on his back from when he was a child. He wears black web chokers on his neck. He is often seen carrying a book in his right hand.

He usually wears a grey jacket with a long sleeve black shirt underneath and wears it with black pants and a brown belt. He sometimes wears a long -sleeved maroon shirt with a black butterfly print on the bottom left side and wears it with black pants and a black belt. He wears the black web chokers with both outfits.

His school uniform consists of the black school jacket with a white dress shirt that is slightly unbuttoned revealing a long-sleeved maroon shirt underneath and a long black tie over it. He wears it with the black plaid uniform pants and brown shoes.

He has tattoos of ravens on his collarbone, bats on his right side and roses on his legs and arms, then demon wings on his back and a blade which represents his sadistic and fierce side. Ruki even has the "Quoth the Raven Nevermore" symbol by Edgar Allen Poe.

Ruki now has red eyes and can transform into a raven demon by making black feathery wings appear and his outfit to be all black and in black stiletto high heel boots. His pupils can be like cat-like irises in that form when he's angry.

Personality ~

He always has an intimidating smirk on his face matched with a calm tone, but also has a sense of brutality can be felt in his spoken words. Without dirtying his own hands, he interacts with others as a cruel-hearted military do-S (extreme sadist). Ayato tends to mock him for his sometimes forced intellectual manners.

Storyline ~

~ Before he was turned into a vampire, Ruki was a human born into a rich family. He was a spoiled little boy who was a member of the 'aristocracy' and found amusement in treating other people harshly and sadistic. However, as karma would have it, Ruki’s father, a kind and generous person, wasn’t good at managing his business/money and became bankrupt.

Ruki found out about his father's bankruptcy when he woke up to the servants ransacking the house for valuables. When he tried to stop them, they banded together to beat Ruki up for all the cruel things he did to them while telling him about the state of his family. To make matters worse, they told him that his mother ran off with her secret lover, leaving only a letter saying that she loves him. After the beating, Ruki went to the garden and found that his father had hung himself.

Ruki stayed behind in his family home for some time, hoping that his mother would come back (he even wondered to himself how his mother could say she loves him but leave him behind, which later affected seriously his trusting issues towards females and their capability of loving him) before he gave up and had to live on the streets, mocked by another aristocrat. He ended up in an orphanage where he was treated poorly by both the other kids and caretaker because he was a former aristocrat with a bad attitude.

The only kids who were decent to him were Azusa, Kou, and Yuma, and eventually the four of them devised a plan to escape their ‘hell.' Unfortunately, while the plan started off well, they were pursued and caught and most of them shot.

Even though Ruki wasn't shot himself, as punishment for trying to run away, he was branded on his back like ‘livestock/cattle.’ As Ruki believed he was at the deepest pits of hopeless rage and despair at the world, Karlheinz appeared and offered the four children the chance to become vampires in order to take revenge on the world that, in his words, deprived them of everything if they agree to serve him.

Ruki, Yuma, Kou, and Azusa became vampires, and Karlheinz chose Ruki to be the ‘brains’ of the group, making sure that he was well-educated and capable of leading his ‘brothers.’ When he asked why Karlheinz chose to give him all this education when the others didn’t have that, Karlheinz told him that it was Ruki’s new role and that they’re all necessary for his plan. The plan details a human girl "Eve" with the heart of the demon lord’s daughter. "Eve’s" blood would choose an “Adam” who would be able to obtain the power to control the world, and their descendants would change the world. Ruki really felt indebted to Karlheinz, so he worked for him, doing what was needed to help him complete that plan.

Ruki eventually found out that he is the twin brother of Greybell because at birth, his mother never wanted children being the dark witch she was and wanted to kill both her sons, but his father begged for mercy and said to give him his sons and spare their lives so instead she cursed him and took Greybell with her and threw him in a river to die, but he survived and soon after her secret lover murdered her, all Ruki ever wanted was for her to rot in hell and reunite with his long lost twin brother and find true love. He broke the curse by fighting it and finding true love next to believing himself.

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Yep.^^ but who else loves these two?

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