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Hi everyone - I'm doing a little research - I'd like to know primary and any secondary language(s) you speak! This survey takes about 60 seconds to complete (unless you just want to tell me a long story, which is OK!) 

PLEASE CLICK LINK and fill out my MOOC Languages survey:

My university: University of Texas at Brownsville; course EDTC 6329 Selected Topics in Educational Technology: MOOCs

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Hi everyone. Phew! I have just finished my artefact.  Sorry for not contributing more to this group, but I have read all your posts and found most of them really stimulating. I will return to them over the next few months.

This MOOC has been exhausting.  I haven't been able to spend half the time I have wanted to on it, and am really glad that it will remain live for some time, so I can actually read all the content. I have been bogged down in the process a bit. That terrifying phrase 'published somewhere on the web which is publicly accessible' should have entered my consciousness rather earlier in the course. Having never used twitter before, or contributed to a study group like this, or published anything on the web, suddenly I had to work out how to do it all. Rather quickly. 

Twitter mastered in Week 1. Along with Google+ and the MOOC hangout. One of my questions was actually answered. That was exciting.  

I went for blogging in week 2. I'd written notes but never really committed them to my blog - but I'll return there someday. I thought maybe I'd use that to publish my artefact - but in the end it didn't support what I wanted to do. Feeling a bit intimidated at this stage since the contributions from fellow students seemed so insightful. What could I contribute that could add to the debate?

The artefacts from other students were truly fascinating. All these things I didn't know you could do. Lots of software to explore. Who has the time?

Anyway to cut to the chase - this week has been learning about Thinglink and  linking to Tumblr. Never heard of Tumblr before Monday night! How many times have I lost all my work? What did I press that made it all disappear? Why is there no UNDO button?  How many bits of online software have I signed up to over the last 5 weeks? How many do I want to remove myself from now?

So now it is almost over and I want to start again. I will read the articles. I will talk about MOOCs to others at work. I will think about all I've seen and heard. I will try out some of the fantastic tools that are out there. I may even tweet again. 

So thanks for keeping me company over the weeks. I have found it stimulating and enlivening, and I promise to contribute more in the next MOOC I join. 

All the best to you all.


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Thank you, Susan, for helping me embed this video and for your valuable comments.  I hope this version may be easier to view.  Any further comments, anyone?  Please?

Just wondering - Is the Twitter feed really slow?  Or am I not posting my final project correctly, through Twitter - I tried twice, once beginning with #edmooc and the other time ending with #edmooc - and neither comment has been posted on the Twitter feed - Or am I just too impatient??

Just want to thank everyone who offered help, support, comments, and opinions.  I've truly enjoyed this MOOC group and was glad to be part.  I'm only sorry more group members didn't participate more, and I'm sure some withdrew from the MOOC.  Time to search for my next MOOC.  Good luck to all and I hope I get to see some of your final projects!

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Just read this article - Interesting commentary.  Sorry to anyone outside the U.S., as you may not know of the governors mentioned in this article.  Tom, you live in TX, no?

OK, here is my attempt at my final project.  Comments, please!!  Be honest and I realize the video is too long.

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Hi all - abandoned my other artefact ideas 'cause I didn't have time to develop the images etc.  This was easier and more fun to produce!  Please review and comment.  Enjoy!

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Hello Friends: I would like to share with you my digital artifact.

I would appreciate your kind feedback about it.

Kind Regards

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