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Zeno Kyouya
> Roy Silver

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Born into the Suma Village, Roy silver's life was good Until one day after Roy was coming back from his martial arts training. As Roy was coming home he saw smoke coming from the direction of his house. He ran as fast as he could to his house but what he saw was horrifying. What he saw when facing his house was his house in ashes. He ran to the house and started looking around for his family he found his whole family, his father, mother and his little sister. He grabbed all of there body and dragged them onto the grass but he noticed that they weren't as burnt as he thought. He found out by examining the body's that his family didn't die from the fire but from a katana. The katana was left in the ashes, so Roy picked up the katana and examined it. He recognized the katana but didn't know who it belonged to. But Roy swore that he would find out who it belonged to and avenge his family.

>Powers And Stats<


His name is Roy Silver from birth. His parents named him that because that was his father's name.

This is a free OC but the face claim is Naruto from the anime Naruto / Naruto Shippuden.

Roys voice is similar to a character named Sasuke from the anime Naruto / Naruto Shippuden.

Roy is male and he will stay that way.

Roy's physical age is fifteen. His mental age is eighteen due to Roy's training, to be able to use his power's.


100% Human

50% Asian
50% Irish

[||Power's and Abilities||]

Dark elemental manipulation
From the dark things Roy has. been through,Roy has inherited the dark elemental manipulation powers that only three other people in the world had. The reason only three people had this power was because only those three plus Roy were for special chosen ones to have a physical spiritual animal. All the other people in the world had spiritual animals but only those three have spiritual animals that become physical. But Roy was not just one to be chosen to be given the powers but he was also special. He not only had dark elemental manipulation powers and a physical spirit animal he also had four dark elemental spirit animals.(elemental spirit animals appearances)

Shadow manipulation
When needed Roy can manipulate the shadows which means that he can travel through the shadows that are near him. It also allows him to make weapons out of shadows which than turn solid

[||Attack Potency||]
City level


[||Lifting Strength||]
class G

[||Striking Strength||]

City level

Can last for a few days while fighting, climbing, running, etc.

Several feet

[||Standard Equipment||]
Dark metal katana

His intelligence is above average.

Unavailability to his Suit. Without it, he is just any other Citizen.

He killed the most feared person in a village that had killed a thousand men by himself.

[||Notable Attacks/Techniques:||]
//>Nothing To Put at the moment.

//Up Above in the "Powers and Abilities" Section

Check the images Below

//No Information Yet

[||Notable Victories||]

[||Notable Losses:||]

[||Inconclusive Matches||]

My OC/Characters
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Can someone approve my OC

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Imagine your gemsona being put into this situation. Luciano is being A really bad flurt in his way. He is holding her. Devlis smile. Fondling her hair with a knife. Whispering god knows in her ear. If my SU Oc called turqualin was in this persuasion She would be embarrassed and annoyed.
What would your's be like?

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Name: Wuffster

Age: 11

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 3'2

Species: Wolf

Likes: Cold climate, Cake, Games, EDM and Dubstep style music, books, electronics

Dislikes: Bugs, Hot Climate, Cats, Water

Relationship status: Single ;)

Bio: Is very distant from his family and hates emotional crap. He's a silly and immature pup who not many people notice. He spends most of his time reading and writing and tries to make people notice his true personality: Smart, Witty, Arrogant (VERY ARROGANT), (Still) Silly. But it's nearly as if he's two people. . .

[Roleplaying as Wuffster]

Runs into Blueberry (+Sophie The Killer Animatronic) while looking down at a book Wuffster: Owie....I'm sorry! I'll-I'll....


Sees Classic Kit ( *+Sophie The Killer Animatronic​*​ ) and asks: Would you happen to know what street this is? I'm a bit lost... *Sigh*

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Name: Hiro
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Parents: Joseph and Melissa
Sexuality: Straight
Siblings: None
Height: 5'3
Weight: "I don't wanna say...."
Species: Allicorn
Likes: Making new friends, exploring, flying around, competing
Dislikes: Wind, Bright sunlight, darkness,being alone, bugs, mean people, rules XD
Job: None
Relationship status: Single/Looking for the right person
Bio: Lives in a house that's pretty big. Popular where he comes from. His family was very poor until his father came along and met his mother sitting on the sidewalk. His father owned his own mall. He was very rich. If it weren't for him, Hiro would never exist and his mom would probably be dead or still on the streets. Hiro's dad has been Hiro's inspiration his whole life. First time he heard the story, he cried and that night, he didn't sleep, thinking about about how helping his dad is and how much his mother must love him. Hiro hopes to be like his father: Helping, kind, always thinking about others. And his father always tells him to follow his dreams.

Special thanks to +Claire Stardust​​​​​ for letting me have this OC. Can't thank her enough.

Hiro crashes into Malted Sugar ( +Darklanding - Mitosis: The Game thompson​​​​ ) while flying through the air and not paying attention 

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((First profile of 6/20/16))
Name: "The name's Neveya"
Age: "I'm 22."
Gender: "If it's not obvious, I'm a woman."
Parents: "I don't know my dad, but my mom's name is Alisha"
Sexuality: "I'm bi, but mostly into girls."
Siblings: "I have a sister, her name's Nadia"
Cup Size: "I think I'm 36C."
Height: "I'm 6ft."
Weight: "Last time I checked, 145.4"
Species: "I'm a leopard"
Likes: "I like metal, playing my guitar, and pastel colors."
Dislikes: "I dislike a lot of stuff, but I HATE idiots"
Bio: She was born into a family that only had her mom. Her dad walked out before she was born. She was a very sweet little girl. She was always smiling and laughing. She got a step dad and everything changed. Her little sister was born. Her little sister got all the attention from everybody and nobody, even her friends, payed attention to Neveya. As she got into her teens, she got really interested a music and tried to pursue her dream in that. She now does a couple gigs a week, and gets enough money to be able to live on her own.
Job: Musician
Relationship status: In a relationship.
((The art below does not belong to me. Credit goes to the artist that I do not know))

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Tammy tangerine is up for ship please ask for age and such down in de comments
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