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Hey guys!!

Long time since I've comment here. I was busy, you see, getting married and such. :D

With that stuff winding down and Christmas / New Years / other things out of the way, I have been getting back into the groove of mapping. I'm back in the Saskatoon area, adjusting roads and adding land use polygons and so forth. Hopefully you'll see my name out and about once more.

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Holy WOW!
Have you checked out Edmonton recently?
Looks amazing, it is mapped extremely well. Just look at all those bus stops, apartments, houses and addresses !
Once I finish a large lake I have been adding near Rankin Inlet, Nunavut (was going great until I reached the maximum points - didn't know that was a thing - now looks like I will have to re-do a large portion of the lake) I will have to get to adding more houses/apartments or at least line segments of addresses.

Hello all,

I have a situation that I'd like some advice on. A OSM user by the name of Tom69 contacted me last night requesting that I undo several sets of edits I made to the Shaw Centre and surrounding Parks. Specifically, he took issue with my refinement of the boundaries of the park and school grounds which I made in regards to the information provided on the City of Saskatoon website. I told him this and am waiting for his response.

At the same time, I noticed that he had performed some edits on the Betts Avenue area, which I am working on. I am always open to additional refinement, however, the edit he made to the land use block there was to reduce the accuracy and detail that I added and merge the land use polygon nodes with the nodes on the street. This both looks ridiculous and is inaccurate - the retail footprint does not extend to the centre of the road.

I messaged him about that, but I am at a crossroads as to what to do. I don't want to get into any editing wars, but if he moves about "correcting" all such land use to merge with the road, I can't exactly sit idly by as detail is removed.


Hey all!

I have been looking over several of the rail lines within the city limits of Saskatoon. Several of the lines have become abandoned over the years and are reflected as such on the map. Comparing these lines to the satellite data, however, shows that others that are marked as active lines must be abandoned given the buildup around them.

Others are even more peculiar. One line that runs through 34th, 36th and 38th Street East. The line is marked as abandoned, but a look at the satellite data shows no evidence that the line was ever there. I imagine that it was, but time moved on and the land it was on has been reclaimed.

I am going to do some tracing work along the lines and switch the designation on them to abandoned where need be. For these lines that no longer exist, my idea is to remove the map element altogether as (as far as I am aware) OpenStreetMap is not meant to be a historic database of what once was. In at least one case, the line has been replaced with a dirt alleyway.

Good day, Mappers! Hope you had a good long weekend.

Quick question - I've been working on the University of Saskatchewan for some time now. Took a look first thing this morning and noticed some new changes. Excellent to see more hands in the pot, as it were. The change itself was the addition of a new polygon marking the entire University area with its name. I don't have a problem with that, but I noticed that the polygon itself doesn't follow the shoreline shape and is attached to the road points in some places.

I want to correct the shape or rebuild, but that would mean altering the other user's change - MuzikMachine is their name. My question is, then, one of etiquette. I don't want to step on toes or imply someone is wrong or the like. Thoughts?

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Hey there, mappers!

Figured I provide another Saskatoon update. I got interested in working on the University area and while that has been going well, I'm not yet "complete" (though no place can ever truly be complete). Anyway! While I was correcting road positioning in the North-East corner of the University, I ended up running into the Preston Crossing retail park. I figured "hey, I'm in the area, why not?" I didn't remember to grab a before shot when I began work so this is a "mostly before" shot.

Take a look - I corrected building shapes, road positions, added trees, light poles, parking areas and driveways to the area.
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Hey mappers!

Quick question for you - I'm still buried up to my chin in the University of Saskatchewan, mapping all sorts of structures. Noticed that there appears to be a field with grave stones along Seminary Crescent. Link in Bing for the area.

Is this a grave yard? The satellite dishes in the same area make me hesitate to designate it like that. But I also know that John Diefenbaker's grave site is on the Campus as well. Looking for a little local knowledge here :)

Hey fellow mappers,

Quick question for you - I have been pouring work into increasing the quality of the OSM data for the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. It's shaping up to be a lot of work, but it's going well. Love a challenge.

That said, I have a question. I started in the northern section of the university area which, according to news releases and their website, is the Innovation Centre. This is made up of Government agencies and Commercial organizations engaged in research and development. I am wondering about the designation on the land. I've used Industrial at the moment, but I'm not sure that this is the most accurate tag.

Looking for some input - I'll continue drawing the use polygons in the meantime and setting them to industrial.


Hello, fellow OSM users! I live in Saskatoon, and I became interested in this project because Google maps offline capabilities are terrible. So I went looking for a good map app for my phone and found Maps with me. I think they have a excellent offline mapping app. Anyway, cell phone companies charge so much for data it's just ridiculous. So having up to date offline access to maps is important to me. Looking forward to hearing your advice and experiences using OSM.
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