hiya all im a orange tabby kitty who loves cuddling & musky feets/paws

H-hi, I'm dean, and I like nice musky guys who like to cuddle blushes

I-I'm looking for a kind and sweet master that will stink me up @w@

Is anyone here up for a rp? I am pretty much into everything dirty, piss, scat, farts, all around that :3

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I was the quiet kid in school I tried my best not to be noticed. However nice and kind I was on the outside I had always had my eyes set on one girl. You were everything I loved the way you would eat and even in gym I couldn't resist running behind behind you taking in your irresistible odor. Little did I know that you were different from most girls you enjoyed pigging out and most days you would even go wearing the same panties for weeks at a time before washing them even when you had to go to the ladies room and didn't always clean all the way. However recently you had begun to notice me and how I had taken an enjoyment in seeing you run and figured that you would have some fun and you invited me over to your house one night when your parents weren't home in order to do just that (first come first serve and will repost or pp))
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Thanks for accepting me I'm sure I'll like this place

Looking to be someones toilet pup in rp message me on google+ hangouts

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Anybody wanna rp? (The poll is to see if people are on)
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Hello :3 anybody wanna rp any of these things

Too extreme?
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Anyone wanna rp (pic unrelated)
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