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How to add parameters (token) for REST API http://localhost/cockpit/api/collections/saveentry?

[Next] Can't find Datastore / Search not working


Sorry maybe it's a dumb question but the docs said "Settings > Datastore" to acces Datastore module but i can't find this menu item in the backend.
The search feature is not working neither.

Thx for your help ;)

Hello ,I want to know on which php platform Cockpit is based on ?


I love this project and it works seamless on my local Apache on MacOS Sierra.

But as soon as I deploy the installation to my live server (Apache, Domainfactory, PHP 5.6.28) I get on routes "No input file specified" or when I trying to open Cockpit I get a 404.

My folder structure is

I did a clean install from Github (next repo), but same problem here. Works on my MacOS but not on my live server.

I would appreciate help a lot!


Does Cockpit integrate a REST json service ? I would like to use it for some React websites.


I'm new here. Is there any tutorial how to integrate Cocpit CMS with Angular 2?

Thanks :)

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Hi there!
Can you help me with posting forms using ajax in modal window?
I Need to display form in modal window and "true" thank you snippet after posting form using instead of hiding "thank you" div for counting purposes etc

Can you please provide how to deal with it?

Hi! In Cockpit Next I created new collections but now I receive this error:
"Call to undefined function collection()"
What could be wrong?

+Artur Heinze , is there any way to upgrade from "old and dead" Cockpit to Cockpit Next ?
I am trying to export the collection and import to Co.Next but it looks like not working. Get an error "json only" but it is Json.

I am sure, i have to rewrite some addons, anyway, angular.js is a fucking mess. So i am trying to reach the next level of cockpit.
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