Woman tied up on the floor naked
The woman look excited and frighten
Not being in control
Moving to someone else beat
A naked tall man standing over her
The belly looks good on him, didnt take away an inch from his manhood
This man is hung to the extreme
this is a new sexual experience
Always want to sex to new heights
Will Feeling of pain and pleasure
Give me the pleasure ive being looking for
The exhilarating feeling of being in this pleasure dome
Making my heart thump
He just standing there looking at me like hes ready to eat thighs are spread apart
The excitement my vagina is wet and lubricated and ready
Damn he said, licking his lips ready to dive in
Got the whip, he slowly slide up and down her clit
If my mouth wasnt gagged i would say please do bad things to me

Mardo's corner is group where everyone can feel free to express themselves through poetry. We can discuss each other's work without any discrimination of the work itself
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