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Radio won't let me draw.. help!! Where is the doctor!? X3

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Flip, why?...

My boyfriend decided to have some fun with my account and decided to put on the jetpack set on his character Flip... he then realised he kinda looked like a dalek X3 +Angel Bob​ one of your minions learned how to fly! How do you feel? OwO
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Anyone want a free drawing request? Note: I can't draw humans so I only draw animal form XD sorry! And the quality might be bad... but just ask me on what to draw owo!

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Name: Charlie
Age: 14
Gender: male
Species: weeping angel
Likes: his older sister "Green", Amy a blind girl who he guides on where she is going.
Dislikes: angel Bob, time energy, any angel that's starts to be a threat to Amy...
Personality: shy, very protective over Amy, hyper active when no one is around.
Planet: unknown..
Why do you hate the doctor: he doesn't mind him.. but if he becomes a threat to Amy he becomes a Threat to the doctor.
Pic: I only have a pic of his sister but he doesn't have flower crown but a green scarf.
bio: when Charlie's sister went looking for one of her friends Charlie decided it was "GREAT" idea to go explore at a very young age... and when Green came back she panicked when he went missing! She went to go look for him. She came back a week later with no luck but she won't stop until she finds him..

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//A lot of this is stolen from Jerome Valeska from the show Gotham, including the faceclaim/pictures. Sorry, I just want to make a psychotic timelord for some reason.//

Name: "They call me Jerome Tomas Kingsley."
Nickname: "You call me Jerome or you call me The Boss.''
Age: "I appear to be anywhere between 16 and 19. However, I am actually 2038 years old."
Species: "I am a timelord and you are standing too close."
Timelord Name: "Again, you either call me Jerome or you call me The Boss.''
Likes: "He has an obsession with blood and laughing, if that counts."
Dislikes: "I hate humans, timelords, and just about everything."
Planet: "I was born on Gallifrey, if that is what you mean."
Personality: "Most people call me crazy or a psychopath. I suppose that fits me."
Backstory: "I was born on Gallifrey. I hated my parents, so I killed them more times than I can count. I pretty much started the time war. It was quite fun, honestly. All that beautiful blood. When Gallifrey was destroyed, I left and came to Earth. This place is horribly filled with really naive humans, don't you think? They hate me here. Why? Oh, because I tend to cause death and chaos everywhere I go. Their screams are my meditation music. Is that enough about me, yet? Let's just say that you will probably hate me and I will most likely take in your screams with pure insanity."
Quote: "There is nothing more contagious than laughter."
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Name: Lilly Knight aka The Warrior and also The sister of the master

Age: she is 2890

Gender: Female

Species: Time-Lady If you please

Likes: Her brother/sister the master, she has a secret crush on the doctor
Dislikes: river song her enemy

Personality: Crazy, nuts, insane, bananas, friendly, funny

Planet: She was born in gallifrey but now she is on gallifrey with her TARDIS type 90

Why do you hate the Doctor: She doesn't she loves him

Bio: She was born gallifrey and went to time-lord academy. When the time war began the master heard the war bells and ran to his sister Lilly and saw her crying over his dead friend so he dragged his sister to a TARDIS And sent her to earth
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Inside UNIT and other earth defense organizations alarms blare and two alien messages come over all speakers over earth. After several hours the defense organizations decode both messages, both of which overlap each other and are on a loop but are still very much discernable. Messages are in all human languages


Earth will be deleted for the glory of the Cyber King!

Of course, due to previous encounters, these cause quite a panic over the earth

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((Btw, I have been using this profile from May 27, 2015 so before the new episodes of Doctor Who about "The Hybrid" came out.))

Name: Gallifrey Song (Alli for short, Real name hidden/secret)

Age: 498 (Physically 18)

Gender: Female.

Species: Time Lord Dalek hybrid.

Likes: Helping/Saving/Travelling with the Doctor. Being River Song's "daughter". Saving the world. People accepting her for what she is.

Dislikes: Daleks (Will become angry and hateful towards them). Anyone who is a threat to the Universe and the Earth. People treating her differently for what she is. Clara Oswald and Rose Tyler.

Personality: Child-like, Active, Artistic, Bubbly, Quirky, Jokey, Impatient, when angry gets extremely angry and can loose my temper easily (like a Dalek).

Planet: Skaro (previously) Earth (present, but does travel through the universe)

Why do you hate the Doctor: My Dalek side does, but my Time Lady side doesn't.

Bio: Back with the 11th Doctor, the Daleks created me in hopes of having the perfect warrior by forcedbly extracting some of the Doctor's DNA and mixing it with a Dalek's. My Time Lady side rebelled against them and I ran away from Skaro eventually finding and staying on the Earth. I've been trained in battle. I've regenerated three times before. During my stay on Earth (when I'm not adventuring or travelling the universe) I have worked at UNIT and Torchwood in my previous incarnations. Only the 12th Doctor and River know who I really am fully. The 10th and 11th Doctor know that I'm their "daughter", but they don't know that I'm part Dalek so I hide my Dalek abilities. 

Appearance: (Current Regeneration) White skinned humanoid, Medium dark brown hair (wavy), Bright Inhumanly-blue eyes with yellow (Dalek) tint in centre of irises, strong jaw, button nose, Tomboy dress wear.

((See full details about the Dalek Time Lord hybrid in New Species profile that I posted. The image is just off the 11th Doctor and the Daleks of his era.))

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Race: Time Lord Dalek Hybrid
Planet: Skaro.
Friend/Foe/Neutral: Neutral depending on who raised it.
Bio: Created on the planet Skaro by the Daleks, a young girl named "Gallifrey" (See my profile) was raised to be the ultimate warrior. She was the first and, currently, the only of her kind. A hybrid of two races, the Time Lords/Ladies and the Daleks, this species is extremely strong and intelligent. They share traits from both species, with the ability to have all of them from one species, if one side was "deactivated" but the cost would be devastating and extremely harmful for the hybrid. 

The Time Lord/Dalek hybrid general powers/abilities, with both sides balanced;
Regenerate-But with limitations and extra regeneration energy. The regeneration takes longer to begin (three Earth hours) and the body is mortally vulnerable until three days after regeneration.
Translate-Every language in the universe like a Time Lord/Lady.
Intelligence-The IQ level of a Dalek. Can hack into Dalek systems.
Dalek Bolts-If they loose control over their emotions, their anger can radiate Dalek energy blasts. If focusing, can fire the energy blasts at will.
Strength-They have the strength of a Dalek.
Resistance-The hybrid's skin is as tough as Dalekanium (metal casing of a Dalek).

General Appearance of the Time Lord/Dalek Hybrid (WILL NOT CHANGE);
Humanoid-Like a Time Lord/Lady
Eye tint-Yellow eye tint in centre of irises like a Dalek.

Other Facts About The Time Lord/Dalek Hybrid;
Has One heart.
If scanned, it will register as a Dalek before switching to a Time Lord/Lady and will repeat this every few seconds.
Can turn off either side of their two species, but will struggle to turn it back on for at least one Earth hour.
The Time Lord and Dalek sides within the hybrid will be at constant battle with each other.

((I may add more as I go.))

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The mind is everything. What you think you become.

#TARDIS #doctorwho #thedoctor #everything  
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