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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.13.0 Update or 'The Redstone Update' has been released in iOS and Windows Phone right now!
The new apk will be uploaded trough our website tomorrow 4:00 PM.
NOTE: MCPE haven't released yet on Android, please try to take your time

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First and Awesome event will be happening on both Google+ and on Facebook. Stay tune....

anyone looking to be in a griefing clan? just msg me on hangouts its and we could make our own clan and be well known: u must be willing to change ur mine craft name and trust me we will be the best

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Hi guys i'm newbie in this group,and i'm here to introduce myself.
Nice having you guys,and this group.
Hope for your cooperation,and pleased to meet you.

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Villager News
Spoiler Spoiler SPOILER!
Villager 1: Hueeh
Villager 2: Huahh
Chad: What?
Terraria's Cenx & Kane Spoiling their upcoming new version, MCPE Team Make's a new Item in 0.10.0 and added Shaders to Sun and Water, Royal Rumble will be VERY ROYAL at Oct. 13, 2014
Chad: Well I have to give you this Villager so that I can understand you
Villager 1: Huaagh...
Chad: Still not Working, I'll Modify this first
Terraria 1.3 in TBA, Redigit has a Secret Project called 'Expert Mode' With new AI on Monsters, 3 new mounts well be added on 1.3, Alchemy Station has 0 - 3 chance not to consume things, A bunch NPC well be like Sitting, Sleeping(Not Sure), And Other lively activities
Chad: Well this should work
Villager 2: Hello.... Testing.... Testing.....
Chad: IT WORK!
Villager 2: Yay... F*ck you
Chad: Wait, What did you said?
Villager 2: I did not say something..... B*tch
Chad: ._.
MCPE Team adding Boats for 0.10.0 and also Shaders, Beta Testing Group might launched at TBA
Chad: This should work
Villager 1 & 2: Testin'.... Testin'
Chad: IT WORK!!
Villager: YAY!!
We add a lot of Changes on King Group, Were Currently Working on The Terrarian Life - The Big Eye

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Like i said it before the MCPE team tester are at it again, to see the full things on whats happening, click on the link below

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NOTE:This Version has a lot of Bugs Such as Grass,Fence,etc. Install it at your own Risk, This might cause to Break your worlds
Changelog for MCPE 0.9.0 build 7
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed another crash bug in the Furnace
- The game doesn't spawn a huge number of mobs anymore
- Fixed spawning outside of limited worlds' bounds
- Fixed spawn location on clients
- It is now possible to destroy a transparent block without hitting the block behind it
- Ladders, torches etc can now be placed close to (intersecting) the player
- The furnace inventory should correctly refresh
- Fixed duplicate join message on the server
- Fixed rendering bugs in the Survival armor screen
- Preloading limited worlds to reduce stuttering
- Made villages more common
- Selecting the correct start tab of the Creative inventory
- The Survival inventory now defaults to the Crafting screen when interacting with crafting tools
- Removed the portal ender frame with eye from the Creative inventory
- Increased network protocol version (can't connect with build 6 or older)
Known Bugs:
- Sometimes chunks only containing transparent blocks don't render until interacted with
- When starting up the game, it might hang for a couple of seconds before loading a world
- Sometimes entities degenerate into strange bunches of triangles
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