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Tenerife Carnival Tour
8 days/7 nights
7th-14th March, 2014

Booking deadline 2nd March, 2014!

It's carnival time!
Every year, crowds of people come to experience this fiesta where everything is allowed and you have only one obligation: to have fun.

This year Tenerife Carnival is from 28th February to 9th March.

Rhythm, colour, flamboyance, luxury and of course the most brilliant spectacle. The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival is the most “Brazilian” of all the Spanish carnivals.

Join us and we bring you to the carnival's festive ending. The final ending is really the celebration of the “Piñata Chica” at the weekend, with shows, dances and parades.

And it's not the end!
This tour is not only about the carnival but much much more!

Discovery diving, star watching at night from a volcano, adventure trek in Mount Anaga, island tour, grill party and more!

Ready for the experience? Then click for more information and booking! Hurry! The places are limited!


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Seasonal Greetings!

Tactical Awareness Organisation would like to say thank you for all of your pluses, likes, comments and shares. We very appreciate that!

We hope you will be with us in the New Year, too.

We wish you Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year for 2014!

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Diving Safari and Vulcan Tour to Tenerife!
Did you know...
Mount Teide (its Spanish name: Mount Teide is Pico del Teide) is the third highest volcano in the world. The most recent eruption of Mount Teide happened in 1909. On his voyage of discovery Christopher Columbus apparently saw the 1492 eruption of Mount Teide when he was sailing past Tenerife.
The volcano today seems like the Mars with its bare rocks. Some scenes of  Stars Wars, Planet of Apes and Clash of the Titans were filmed here.

If you would like to see this famous location with your own eyes or just want some unforgettable under-sea experiences at Tenerife's most beautiful diving places, don't hesitate! Join now!

Sounds good? For more information, please visit:   OR OR
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Scuba Diving Safari and Vulcan Tour in 2014!

Try a new challenge in Tenerife with scuba diving in 10 different areas and two treks in the amazing forests of Anaga and the huge Vulcan Teide.

Interested? See more details here:
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