How cool is this group?! So my name is Sarah aka Saries08 in Ingress and Pokemon GO (if anyone else has beta...That name will be much better thought out once it goes live lol).
So even though I'm 30 something I still play Pokemon as it's much more interesting then my life haha. I was an avid PC gamer back in the day. Love strategy, puzzle, rpgs and a selected few of fps. My main go to game is Left 4 Dead and Warcraft 3. All about the classics haha.

My new current love is tabletop games though and god they are just as expensive but I adore them. Everything from Munchkin, Caton, Ticket To Ride and everything in between that I've discovered by random Game Cons or watching Wil Wheaton's Tabletop show. Really want to get into D&D but that requires knowing ppl that also like it...and I know no one other then my hubby and my sister. Soo not really enough players haha!

So that's me.

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+BawssNass +Jason Rumph and all those others that are into Enklave. They're approving locations super fast. I just received 3 approvals 1 rejection and there's one still waiting for approval. Best of all one of them is a work Enklave.

I'm ready to play, I just wish I was higher on the invite list.

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Time to re-create my Enklave account :(
Hello Everyone,

I am sorry to bring bad news. It is not possible for us to rebuild the data we lost yesterday. Any modification made to the database since October 2nd (there is a back-up Oct 4th, but let's go with 2nd to be safe). is gone. This includes new accounts created, modifications made to accounts (passwords, usernames, email changes), and clearly all player data and sadly the sent Enklaves also.

While this should not have happened, it did. As a result of this, we implemented procedures to have up to date backups every 24 hours. Each time we "play" with the server again and introduce an increased risk, we will do a manual backup at a separate location. So no, this will not happen again.
The only good news in this is that no development work was lost. Only user generate data.

All Alpha accounts have been reactivated since yesterday, as I had the list saved. If you created your account after October 2nd, but got accepted in Alpha (not many cases), please create it again with the same email and if possible, username. It will give me the possibility to verify your identity and re-enable your account. (do not forget to request this)

I processed many account modification requests. Please do not send them again. We will have a profile page up by the end of the week so you can make this changes yourself.

All Submitted Enklaves will have to be sent again. We will not wait that week to process them, and rather do as many as we can each day, to have them live ASAP.

All Alpha testers will be given 2990 XP right away and IF their scrap is <500, their scrap value will be set to 500, regardless of the total mass. If your scrap is over 500, it will not be modified.
Please note that you will need to take an action that gives you XP in order to show your level change. So the first time you login, you can see L1 - 4600/3000 XP. Once you gain XP, this will get fixed automatically.

As you can imagine, there will be a bit of a backlog on both FreshDesk tickets and contact@ emails. We are processing these, but expect some delays.

I can't tell you enough how sorry we are for all the inconveniences caused by this. Countless work hours lost.
I guess this is the true face of an Alpha stage, when we do not yet have all procedures in place, that will allow us to have double or triple redundancy for... everything :|

We will also take some extra steps to increase the server capacity very soon, in order to allow more users in.

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Please tell me there's at least one Mirrors Edge fan here.
Wow, this is amazing, especially if you've played the game.

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Did you ever play Rez on ps2? this feels like the same thing.
Audiovisual experience developed by Funktronic Labs designed to be used with a Leap Motion gesture controller and an Oculus headset.
More Here:
Animated Photo

What I’m into:
Lots of different genres; pretty much anything except sports games. Mostly a solo player, and then most of my multiplayer stuff is done in front of the TV with friends and family; I rarely play online. Card and tabletop games? Nothing against it, but all my gaming (currently) is electronic.

NNID, Xbox Live, Steam, Origin - AlmostADoofus
Ingress, some other places - doofus

Nintendo vs Sega - Nintendo
Microsoft vs Sony - Microsoft
Windows vs Mac - Windows
Google vs Apple - Google

My gaming history (and games I remember favourably for each platform):
Apple IIe - this was such a long time ago; the only ones I can remember by name are Karateka and Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Atari 2600 - also such a long time ago, but who didn’t have one of these? I can remember playing a lot of Pitfall and Space Invaders, and probably a few others.
Amiga 500 - soooooooooo many great games! Stunt Car Racer, Turrican II, Mega Lo Mania, Cannon Fodder, the Monkey Island series, and the Sierra Police/Kings/Space Quest game series spring to mind as particular favourites. I still play some Amiga games today via emulator (WinUAE and more recently FS-UAE on PC).
Nintendo Gameboy (the original) - Tetris of course, but also Super Mario Land, Qix, Revenge of the Gator, and many others.
Super Nintendo - wow, where to start? The original Mario Kart, Super Mario World, the Donkey Kong Country series, WWF Raw & Royal Rumble, (Super) Street Fighter II (Turbo), Mortal Kombat II, Bomberman and loads more.
Nintendo 64 - Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Tennis, Banjo Kazooie, Diddy Kong Racing, WWF War Zone and plenty more.
Nintendo Wii - basically anything first-party (i.e. Zelda, Pikmin, Mario Galaxy etc), but Mario Kart Wii was certainly a family favourite; I also played a few Gamecube games since I missed that last console generation.
PC - the Command and Conquer series, the (non-MMO) Warcraft series, the Age of Empires series, GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas.

My gaming present:
Nintendo Wii U - currently playing Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (and always coming back to Mario Kart 8, among other things).
Xbox 360 - currently playing The Secret of Monkey Island SE, Mass Effect 3, GTA IV (and maybe some day even GTA V which I own but haven’t had a chance to play yet); plenty of unplayed games still sitting on the shelf...
Mobile - currently playing Starlink, Bloons TD 5 and Battle for the Galaxy (and of course Ingress).
Web - currently playing Clicker Heroes (

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A seriously old retro rpg.

First post!

Intro style. I was thinking it should be a short description of types of games you like followed by any gamer tags you want people to know so they can find you in game. Suggestions are welcome.

For me I like largely simulators, rpg and beat 'em ups but tend to stray quite far from them at times.

PSN: BitReave
Steam: dark_reaver36
Ingress: Reaver
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