Now that we've all had a couple of weeks to return home and recover, I'd like to thank all of the people who made the 2016 RobotX possible and who helped to make it a success.

Several of our teams have sent me feedback in the form of what worked well and what didn't work well during the competition. I thank you for that feedback. If any other teams wish to share with me comments and suggestions that may help us improve the 2018 RobotX Challenge, please e-mail me. I would especially like to get input from all of you about what you want to see in 2018.

I am also interested in collecting information from teams on what decisions they made that worked or didn't work and why. This will help me to assemble recommendations for the teams who plan to compete in future RobotX Challenges.

Thank you again, and I hope to see all of you again in future robotics competitions!

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Here's a link to photos from the event that we took from the water, a slightly different perspective than viewing from land.


Congratulations to organisers and teams for a successful RobotX.

It would be great to see the other teams videos and some of the footage that was taken onsite. Is there a plan to put these up at some stage?

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Good news everybody! Your boats have arrived on site. 

Hi all,

You guys are all at Hawaii? Do you know when and where does the orientation start tomorrow? I cannot find the information of orientation anywhere :(

In case anybody missed it, don't forget to get the Robonation app! Also grab the RobotX package, too. It has tons of useful information, scheduling, maps, and other goodies.

Japan team will arrive at Honolulu in next morning.
So would you mind to tell us how to attend the orientation?
We are so sorry to late to inform...

quick question! we see in the schedule that tml the water course opens at 12pm. Does this mean we can start practice runs then?

Hi! I have a few of questions.

1. During our one-hour time slot on the water, are allowed to make modifications to the boat?

2. For the detect and deliver task, if our object manipulator gets stuck in the hole of the buoy, do we still get the points?

3. When is the task considered over? For an example, if we place all four balls in the hole for the detect deliver buoy, can we call the task to be complete right after all balls are in the hole? 
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