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All Muse members are taken!

Now should we allow OCs, or just Roleplay with other canon characters? (besides Aqours)
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Allow OCs (and other canon characters)
No OCs, just minor canon characters.

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Does anybody want to claim Kotori?

+Maki Nishikino​!!! Where! Are! Youuuuuuuuuu???? I have been waiting here for more than a minute!! (crosses arms)

List of taken u's members.

Honoka: +ლ(눈-눈)ლ Fenboiiiiii 
Kotori: +TailsLover 456 
Umi: Unclaimed (If not taken, I believe +Umi Chan )
Rin: +Rin Chan 
Hanayo: +Coco Chan 
Maki: +Maki Nishikino 
Nico: +Nico Chan 
Nozomi: +Tojo Nozomi 
Eli: +Mlp Sunset Shimer Czech 

Um.... +Honoka Chan​... Where are you...? I am lost here and I feel so.... Lonely... Please guide me.... Honoka....
I am so scared..... Honoka... Where are you...?

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Wait, +Honoka Chan , +Nico Chan +Umi Chan 
Are you taking Honoka, Nico, AND Umi?

Alright so the pull stands at 6 OC, and 1 No-OC.
I believe we should have a max of one OC per member.

Also what are we gonna do with the members that don't have profiles?

also first off, can I either have: Honoka, Rin, or Nozomi?

Hey! ;D
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