kathryn dworkin

Hangouts On Air  - 
Can't get HO to launch properly. Only getting a black screen...little green ringing thing never comes up. Tried uninstalling plug in but hasn't helped. Any suggestions?
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Niilo Alhovaara

Sound Configurations  - 
Anyone tried using Voicemeeter in a  #HOA  ? I'm trying to figure out if it would be possible to fix the call-in functionality using - possibly - a #Skype  number (regular phone number purchased through Skype) and Voicemeeter to route the incoming calls.
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No I haven't.
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I apologize, I never introduced myself to this group. Like my profile says, I'm just a regular guy who recently got p/o'ed and decided to devote my time, energy and attention to changing my life for the better. So here I am and I'm glad to be here.
Helloooo all! 
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Ronnie Bincer

Discussion  - 
YouTube changes path to get to Live Events & Video Manager
Creator Studio is the new path to many places...
If you run special types of Hangouts on Air (HOA) then you may want to start them via YouTube Live Events instead of via the Google+ Hangouts page. Things have changed a bit on how to get there. See the screen shot below and this post on getting to the Video Manager:
YouTube Live Events - Starting/Editing HOA events via YouTube
As of June 26, 2014, we now have a new way of navigating inside YouTube which uses the Creator Studio as one of the main paths to get anywhere it seems... including the path to YouTube Live Events.

For those of us that utilized the YouTube Live Events area to start and or manage our Hangouts on Air (HOA) events (instead of directly via Google+), we now have a slightly different path to take to get there.

If you have been using true Private HOA activity, you'll now need to follow this path to get to the YouTube Live Event area so you can choose to make a "new live event" that is Private or start up (or edit) some of your other HOA activities.

Some HOA events shown here are really initiated via the Google plus interface so they can not be "started" from here, but for others this is the place to go.

We did an exhaustive training on how to start and run Private HOA activity for the membership group called Hangout Mastery. Very useful for Private Online Consulting or Coaching. This screenshot shows a slight modification on how to get to the YouTube Live Event area which is needed still to make the Private HOA part happen.

Learn more about the Hangout Mastery area to help you keep up with all the changes via

You can also get directly to the Live Events area of YouTube via:
=== ===
#YouTubeLiveEvents   #PrivateHOA   #HOAtips   #HangoutMastery  
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Great post, thanks +Ronnie Bincer!
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Updates to the Hangout and HOA Interface... wider thumbnail and a little about pinning.
Google Hangouts Update: Wider Thumbnail Image for YOU
2 min Video: When you are on the inside of a Hangout Video Call or a Hangout on Air (HOA), you will now see a wider version of your own thumbnail image in the filmstrip. But only your thumbnail and only on the Inside of the Hangout Interface.

This change just happened on the 19th of June, 2014.

Check out this quick 2 minute video that shows the inside of a HOA broadcast. It helps you understand why the thumbnail change matters and you'll also get a quick view of another update that just happened called "Pinning". We used to call the same function "Blue Boxing" but now that the box around the thumbnail image is white, we likely will start calling it "pinning".

I've got another video in the works to go into further detail on how pinning works for Hangouts and HOA (Hangouts on Air).

Are you trying to stay up-to-date with all the changes we see with the Hangouts tool set? A great place to do that and get more of the back story on the changes is the Hangout Mastery membership area. Signup to keep up here
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #HangoutsTips   #GooglePlusUpdate   #HangoutMastery  
Special thanks to Hangout Mastery members: +Andrew Hatchett +Debi Davis +Michael Daniels & +Susan Finch for helping out with the filming.
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How are you looking on camera in Hangouts and Hangouts on Air? Here are some technical and personal tips to consider... hope you find them useful.
Hangouts, the Camera, and You
When you are inside a Hangout or Hangout on Air (HOA), are you showing the best version of yourself?
The ability to present the best version of yourself inside a Hangout or HOA is related to many factors. For this post we'll focus on two of them... Technical factors and Personal factors.

Technically, you'll need:
► A Good Camera (webcam that can support HD quality 720p)
► Good Sound (yes this will impact how you 'appear') so isolate the speakers from the microphone whenever possible
► Wired not WiFi connection to the Internet if possible
► Good lighting (more light on your face than from behind)
► Good upload speed (1.5mbps is a good starting point)
► Computer capability (4 cores in the CPU is needed for HD quality)
► CPU happiness (shut down non-essential programs and restart)

There is more to the above but that list is a good starting point.

You'll need to know how to:
► Look at the camera (not the filmstrip)
► Smile!
► 'See the audience'
► Be engaging
► Embrace the concept that the camera is your friend
► Become comfortable on camera
► Realize that you may be featured at any time
And a lot more which will be covered via this HOA Event: ..

Hope you can watch the live show linked above or watch the recording to learn more. Beyond that you should check out the best Hangout learning environment offered: Hangout Mastery a paid membership by visiting
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #HangoutsTips   #VideoMarketing  
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Well +Ronnie Bincer at least there are quite a few of us, lucky enough not needing to fix our hair before going On Air :) 
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Rob Gordon

Discussion  - 
I also posted this issue - twice - on the Google Group for Hangouts but got no response.    Has this come up with anyone else here?  


I have a Toshaba Laptop running Vista that was fine for Hangouts before, but suddenly stopped working.  When I try to have a hangout, I get the message "Couldn't start the video call because of a Network error" and then instructions that I should check my firewall settings. After the second try, it wants to reinstall the plugin which I have now done several times, but it never launches.  Again, this worked just fine about a month about then suddenly stopped working.  What seems to be the exact same issue was reported by another user here:    My Internet provider is AT&T Uverse.and I use the Chrome browserI
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This method is not a method to resolve the issue. It will just generate a log file which can help to study the error.
Like what version is your plug in and other system information.
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kathryn dworkin

Sound Configurations  - 
Reposting cuz my brain is fried from this issue. Updated when in HO I can only hear other party w headphones... speaker fine outside of HO...and other party can't hear me at all. I know it must be google setting but can't find solution. HELP;)
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Well I hope I gave u a giggle. Thank you again for the help!
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Toe Joe

Hangout Hardware  - 
I'm taking piano lesson via google hangout very soon. What I need for that is hopefully very basic:

1) A stereo PC-Headset 
2) Some sorts of USB mixer, that would be to able to process the signal from both the headset and from my digital keyboard. My piano comes with L/R 1/4" outputs.

So basically I must be able to hear my own voice, that of my teacher and of course of what I'm playing on the piano.

Can you recommend a simple setup for Windows 7? Should I go with a mixer or an audio interface?
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if you want to make it a little bit nicer, i think you can do well just a simple mixer.  i use one of these:

put the pc headset mic and the keyboard out to the mixer.  wire the mixer to the pc and the headphones to the pc, you're set.  

i'm sure you can crank the quality if you go more complex, but this simple and works pretty well.
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Arslan Ahmad

Discussion  - 
Where is the option of hangouts in Google Plus Application...i update my app and there is no option for hangouts in any profile i visit...Somebody please help me....thanks

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+Tom Rolfson sure. And Thanks again.
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About this community

Hangout Help - Where members of the Google+ community can help each other get the most out of Hangouts.
Hangouts on Air Help from the HOA Experimental room! ;-)
Check out this unique way to present a video with live links to the side of it. This uses the promotions app (still in beta at this time) to show a 1.5 min. pre-recorded video with links - press the play arrow to see. What do you think?
Want to know how to best use Google's Hangouts on Air tool?
You've come to the right place - Play the short video here to see this new method to show links next to a video - the links displayed are real & can get you the help you need. This is not an Event you missed, but a new way to show a video and links.

I've got some helpful links on the side here to get you going when you want to create compelling Interactive Hangout on Air broadcasts. What do you think of this novel way to use the 'still in beta' Promotions app?

Click the video to see it in action. The links show on the right while the video plays on the left. h/t: +Mike Downes for the discovery of this technique.
#HOAtips #HOAeventsTips #PromotionsApp   #HangoutMastery
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ronnie Bincer. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Hangouts on Air Help - Learn to Master the HOA tool
Sun, July 6, 10:27 AM
Hangouts On Air

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Whoa, very cool indeed +Ronnie Bincer ! This opens up huge opportunities connected to #Hangouts  .
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Just one path showing an easy step-by-step guide to joining into a Hangout video call or a Hangout on Air (HOA) call using the Hangout Sidebar and Chat area called the Hangout Message Box.
Getting a Hangout on Air call? Here is one common path to answer.
Hangouts Basics & Hangouts on Air Basics
How to Answer the Hangout Call and Join into the Filmstrip
When you have been invited into the filmstrip of a Hangout Video Call or Hangout on Air, there are many ways to join into the filmstrip. Here is a visual guide of one of the paths you can follow.

This post will give some guidance for each step shown, but there is a post with many more details for Hangout Mastery members... you should join us so you can learn hangouts in the most helpful place around...

(1) Open up the Hangout Sidebar on the Right Side of a Google+ Desktop web browser window, then look for the Green Camera icon and click it.

(2) You'll see the Hangout Message Box chat area as shown here.

(3) You can verify who else is invited to the Video Call.

(4) When you see the list of others invited you can get back to the front part of the Hangout Message Box by clicking "cancel" (I know, it seems strange).

(5) If you have decided you'd like to join into the Video Call, click the Green Stripe up top and you'll be on your way into the filmstrip.

I've listed the steps this way since many times you may want to see who else is also invited to the call to determine if you want in or not. You could simply go from step (1) to step (5) if you don't want to check who the other participants will be.

More important details on this process are ready for you to see inside the Hangout Mastery private community (part of a paid membership). Find out more here
=== ===
#HangoutTips   #HOAtips   #HangoutChat   #HangoutMessageBox   #HangoutsOnAir   #HangoutMastery     #HOAbasics   #HangoutsBasics  
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Ronnie Bincer

Discussion  - 
Control the Camera with Pinning. Pinning inside a Hangout or Hangout on Air is how you control the camera and what you see... if you are the HOA host, you also control what the viewers see (live and recorded). We used to call this blue boxing... Here's a new term for many: Pinning
Control the Camera with Hangouts - how pinning works
When you want to control what You see inside a Hangout Video Call or what the viewing audience sees in a Hangout on Air broadcast & video, you'll need to understand Pinning.
In the past many of us called pinning by another name: Blue Boxing.

Since the recent interface change happened, the blue border around a pinned video thumbnail has changed to be white, so I'm suggesting we start calling it Pinning since that seems to be what Google has decided to call it.

Avoid this Common Newbee mistake: Don't forget to un-pin to allow the conversation to flow normally where the camera auto-switches based on sound.

Another recent video I made re. new interface changes focused on the width of our own thumbnail image when inside the Hangout interface, check that out here:

To keep up with the changes and to get the full videos you'll want to be part of the Hangout Mastery community... check out details here - signup to keep up!
=== ===
#HOAtips   #HangoutsOnAir   #GooglePlusTips   #VideoMarketing   #HangoutMastery   #BlueBoxing     #HangoutsTips  
Again, thanks to Hangout Mastery members +Susan Finch +Michael Daniels +Debi Davis & +Andrew Hatchett for helping me make this video.
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Edward Ward

Mobile Hangouts  - 
Help! Can someone tell me how to start a live video chat in Hangouts? Everything I've read makes it sound simple, but when I add a hangout, no video call button appears. 
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asi es Tom Rolfson .
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I've done a couple of video tutorials, but now my screen share just stopped working. Youtube still shows the non-recorded tries and "uploads" but only as a number at top of new videos. There is no video.

The trouble began when I recorded 2 minutes, but had a mistake and I closed the window instead of ending call. The recorded one didn't have the screencast, just the voice eventhough the screencast was shown when I started.

I started a new session and it said I was still on call and asked me to end it, which I did. That's when the video from screenshare stopped working. I think it may be related to adobe flash since that is the only thing in chrome I messed with since this stopped working. I'll see if I can undo what I did and test it then.

But, I think the app got corrupted somehow. Any suggestions?
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I did a quick 15 second test, but things are working again. Youtube is still reporting the wrong number of uploads under "Newest" view which is updated when G+ sends a video to them. It'll take a minute or so for the video from the Hangout to be shown. But that's the only issue and it's just an aesthetic one.

Thank you very much for a quick reply and a quick fix.
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Djen Inspires

Hangout Apps  - 
Can anyone tell me how to make backgrounds customizable? 
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Thank you very much, I am convinced I have to buy a green screen, cuz I dont see any backgrounds in hangout that I like 
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Joel Carlson

Hangouts On Air  - 
We can do a hangout from smart phone to smart phone with talk and video if we planned it ahead of time. However if I get a hangout call on my Galaxy Ace Plus smart phone I didn't see a way to answer. How to answer incoming hangout calls on a smart phone would really help because I can't find anything Googling for answers. Thanks
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I think it's dependent on your version of Android, but can you just "swipe" the ring in the middle of the notification? On my HTC I swipe left to accept or right to reject. 
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kathryn dworkin

Sound Configurations  - 
I'm having an issue...updated windows7 and now when hangouts, I am seen but not heard. I suspected the google plug in but uninstalling and reinstalling hasn't worked. Any ideas?
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found it ...I'm blonder than I look.
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Discussion  - 
A can somebody help me please I need the messages out of my hangout account using another phone is it possible
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I am using the latest 2.1 hangout android app. I am not able to confirm my mobile number. When I go to settings>my email> confirm mobile
I get an error after a few mins. That it couldn't confirm my mobile number
My android version is 4.3 and a HTC one phone.
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Also, it automatically got confirmed the next day.
But now there is problem in calling 2 step verification codes on my no. And other verification codes from Google services, like Google calender.
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