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Name: Snowpaw

Past names: Snowkit

Future names: Snowstorm

Clan/Tribe: ShadowClan

Rank: Apprentice

Gender: She-cat

Personality: Honest, friendly, stubborn

Age: 7 moons

Bio: Snowpaw lost an eye while fighting a badger, so she is a bit shy about her appearance

How they look: Long white fur, one eye

Theme song: Scars to Your Beautiful (Alessia Cara)

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To all of the cat lovers out there watch this video!!!! U should read the description of it first or u won't understand it that much. Btw there are two more sequels to this video.


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which cat won ERBOW 12?????
(I really love this series, and 12 is my fav!!)
Video: https: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pu0LhXuiD0
(warning: mild cursing)
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describes them sooo well its unbelievable

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Here. Just wanted to post this since this song is so relaxing. Btw, it's about Snowfur

ps, it's a map so some of the animation is different from the others

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Name: Phoenix
Appearance: tortoiseshell with dominant bright fiery ginger markings and glowing amber eyes.
Clan: N/A (loner)
Position: Hunter
Gender: N/A (neutered)
Hunting: 9/10
Fighting: 6/10
Speed: 4/10
Fam: Half-heart, Kiwi
Bio: Phoenix was born a kittypet, and he was neutered. When he was five moons old, he slipped out of his Twoleg's yard, cos he wanted to explore. Unfooooortunately for him, he ran into a german shepherd and was badly injured. He was healed by a gang of loners and then, joined them. One of them, whose name was Blackflood (an exiled riverclan warrior), told him all about the warriors. he wanted to join them, and he visited Thunderclan. Unfoooooooortunately for him, they rejected him, which was mostly because of his visit to the Cutter resulting in the removal of his sexual organs, and his Twoleg-like views on feral cat overpopulation, blah blah blah. There was also a she-cat named Flowerheart who crushed on him but he could feel nothin cos of his neutering. flowerheart did not understand and finally found out that there was no possibility of him sexually interacting with her.

Also for all * ahem * random sensitive people out there , i created this oc cos i thought, if there are feral cats, and there are neutered/spayed strays, there might be some tension resulting of that. it makes sense ppl.

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awesome pmv, i love the song 2

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Name: Leafwhisper
Clan: Shadowclan(Former), Loner
Position: Warrior
Gender: Female
Hunting: 8/10
Fighting: 9/10
Speed: 7/10
All Family: Falconsoar (father), Crowntail (Half sister), Ravenstar (half sister)
Bio: Leaf (she wasn't a forest cat then) was found on the side of the Thunderpath by Thunderclan warriors along with her half sisters Crown and Raven. She was found covered in blood and gore and her sisters were staring at her with horrified expressions. Only a few years later, they realized tiny little Leaf had killed her, Crown, and Raven's father and thrown his body onto the Thunderpath where Twolegs collected his corpse. The weird thing was, Leaf had no memories of that experience, and she had a happy childhood in Thunderclan unaware of the terrified glances of her Clanmates.
Tragedy struck again many moons later, this time Leaf, now a warrior named Leafwhisper, had killed the deputy of the Clan. She was exiled out of the Clans and there she realized that she was the reincarnation of Bluestar and Mapleshade, and her soul was getting fractured and destroyed because of the strain and power that came with housing too many spirits.
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