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#DeltaT #Betaupdate Build clan bases in real world locations

Build an impenetrable clan base to defend your energy cores. Work with your clan to find powerful mods hidden around your city. Equip your base with these strategic mods and protect your cores from enemy attack. Upgrade and reinforce your base with each level up to dominate your city.

Building a base unlocks clan gameplay, you can either focus on levelling up your base or wage war on other clan bases to win stashes of high-level loot including weapons, mods, seeds and TC.

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Einige Konzeptgrafiken frisch vom Entwicklerteam
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Ihr wollt mit anderen Spielern in Kontakt treten? Wir haben für euch einen Telegram Chat aufgeschaltet.


Ihr habt noch kein Telegram? Besucht die offizielle Seite
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