Happy start of the year! I'm looking for either a virtual field trip or guest speaker for my 6th graders topic of health-specifically how illegal drugs, alcohol, and smoking affect your life.
My students are also interested in doing a dissection...maybe these can be combined?
Offers or tips on how I can set something up are appreciated! I this is all new to me!

Hola, soy de Monterrey, México. Tengo estudiantes de Primaria de 1er grado a 6to. Estoy interesada en intercambiar video llamada, para que mis estudiantes tengan la oportunidad de comunicarse con otros niños de mundo.
Mis alumnos saben hablar Inglés y español.
Quisiera que conocieran más acerca de tradiciones, fiestas, comida, vestimenta entre otras cosas.

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Bryssa 2018

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Please join our project- we need you to be successful
It is free, fun, and rewarding

Hi all! I teach at a private language school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I'm looking to have a 20-30 minutes google hangout with a class or an individual from around the globe. I want to offer my students a chance to communicate with non-native and native speakers of English on different topics:

- Daily Routine differences and similarities (A1/A2)
- Pros and drawbacks of city living (B2)
- Eating habits (B1)
- Stereotypes and Cultural diversity (B2)
- Shopping wise (B1+)

My students' proficiency level range from elementary level (A1) to Upper Intermediate (B2). I've got groups of children (A1, A2), adolescents (B1 and B2) and adults (B1+). Please respond here or drop me a line via email if interested.


Hello! I am going to be teaching a Technology camp for incoming 6th and 7th graders. I want to do a mystery hangout with each group and am looking for a classroom for any of the following dates:
Friday, June 29th
Friday, July 6th
Friday, July 13th.

If you are available any of these three dates, please EMAIL ME at emily.salie@bpsne.net

We are from Nebraska [central standard time] and are pretty flexible on time between 9am-2pm central time. THANK YOU!

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Hi everyone! I work for a language school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I look to have a guest to have a bit of conversation with my students.

The aim of this activity is to provide students the opportunity to speak English with people from other countries.
The conversation can be about any topic as long as it's previously discussed between me and the guest on account of the students' level of English. Yet, any contribuition will be more than welcomed

The students' level of English ranges from A1 to C1.
And my class time starts from afternoons to late evenings. (BRT-Time)

Monday & Wednesay - 16:15 up to 17:30 (A1 - pre-teens) / 18:30 up to 19:45 (A1 - kids)
Tuesday and Thursday - 14:30 up to 16:00 (B2 - teens) / 18:00 up to 19:30 (C1-teens almost 18) / 19:45 up to 21:15 (C1 - adults)
Friday - 14:00 up to 17:15 (B2 - teens almost 18)
Sat - 08:00 up to 10:45 (A2 - Adults) / 11:15 up to 14:00 (Teens- A1) / 14:30 up to 17:15 (Teens - A1)

All the students are really excited about the idea of talking to someone from another country.

We are also open to participate in your class.

contact: mykaelluyz@gmail.com Michael

Looking to have a Mystery Hangout for parents of 5th grade students on May 30th. Any grade level 4th or above should work just fine. Anyone available from 1:00pm - 3:00pm Central Standard Time? Please e-mail me if this works: wiruffin@rochester.k12.mn.us .
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