Please, guys. The number of people in the community has not increased at all since Before Winter break. Please, spread the word. I want to have as many people in on this as possible.

Just as a number count, does anyone in the community have a camcorder or any other recording devices in which we could use for the film?  If so, I'd like to hear.

Hi everyone. On account of everyone asking for the script, here it is. Feel free to make comments, but please take into consideration that we can't please everyone. Also there are a few parts I still need to discuss with Zack. And we will probably add more to the action sequences when we actually get everyone together. Enjoy...

Dawn of the Red Plague

Girl Who Owned a City type scenario- no adults
plague wipes out adults and turns kids without a specific blood type into zombies
few kids survived

Scene 1- Dad, Mom, Kid, Chloe, News Anchor
One of the resistance leaders wakes up, yawning, wiping sleep from his eyes.
Joins family at breakfast
Dad: “He’s alive!”
Peter: “It’s not that late, is it?” looks at clock, it’s 11:30 “Oh.”
Chloe: “ Why did you sleep so late?”
Peter: shrugs
Mom: “Here’s the first round!” comes to table with pancakes
Chloe: “YAY!!!”
All: smile
Minutes later
Mom: “Honey, can you take a second to move your eyes elsewhere from the computer
Dad: “-Wait-
Mom: “What is it John? What is more important than sharing time to at least talk to your beloved family?”
Dad: “Would you care to know? Shaking his hands as he pushed over the laptop.”
Mom: “What kind of sick spam is this?!”
Dad: “It’s not spam.  This was a live broadcast issued a few days ago…  Theres a disease raging through Australia and Asia. I don’t think they aired it because they didn’t want to start panic... But I guess they decided the public has a right to know.”
Peter: Grimaces “Are there any cures for it?
Dad: “That, I do not now.”
Peter: Joins Dad as he goes into living room.
Chloe. “Mommy, what’s happening? Are people getting hurt?”
Mom: Looks at Chloe “Don’t worry, it will all be safe...I promise.”
Chloe: Nods
Dad: “Here’s the video.”
Broadcast involving zombie plague
“Breaking news! There was an explosion in a pharmaceutical company  in Australia that has unleashed havoc across the globe! In the explosion, a deadly virus was unleashed. The virus is extremely contagious and is traveling across the globe at a rapid pace! It takes roughly a day for the virus to set in, and when it does, there is no escaping it. Symptoms begin to show 20 hours post infection, leaving plenty of time to spread the virus without knowing. Already, the outbreak has killed a majority of Australia, much of Asia, parts of Europe and Africa, and a few areas in the Americas. Doctors are working furiously to find a cure, but no one has been successful thus far. Symptoms include darkening veins, foaming mouths, and convulsions. Soon after this sets in, death. Strangely, children 14 years of age and younger bear a resistance adults lack. In all children, setting aside those with AB positive blood type go into a lifeless trance. They have no emotion, feel no pain, and will attempt to pass on the virus or eat a victim to the best of their ability. Furthermore, children with AB positive blood type cannot be infected unless the virus is transmitted directly into their bloodstream, via biting; something other children will do. More on the story as it develops.”
Kid: “My god.”
Dad: “Pretty intense, isn’t it? If you ask me, this just might be the apocalypse we’ve been waiting for. So far, the comments being posted have been messages from people who think this disease is just a joke... but others are very concerned and being the self-obsessed people they are, they say everyone needs to fend for themselves--the rest side in god to save them.
Blackout,show title
pots and pans clanking
Chloe: Walks down stairs yawning and sees parents on the floor with black veins “Aah!!!!”

Scene 2- Peter, Angela, Jake, Zack, Scarlet, Aiden, Zombies 1-3
Angela running down street at sunset
Falls, and turns with a panicked face
Show a zombie trio swiftly shambling toward Angela
tries to get away but zombies are closing in
Angela: “HELP!”
5 kids come running, armed with guns and weapons
Jake: “Hey, ugly!”
zombies turn
Jake: “Bite this!”
lead zombie gets shot in shoulder
Zack:smacks zombie 2 in stomach with baseball bat. Pulls out a pistol and Zack finishes it
Scarlet: attacks zombie 3. Shoots, and grazes cheek
Zombie three: runs toward Scarlet
Aiden: Shoots zombie 3 in the head
lead zombie: charge toward Aiden,
Zack: takes knife and throws it-miss
lead zombie: attacks Aiden (fall to the ground)
Peter: shoots the zombie in the head
The zombie corpses lay crumpled on the street.
band of kids set down weapons.
Jake: Helps up Aiden
Peter: “You ok?”
Angela: “Yeah... I’m fine... Where did you all come from? I thought I was the only one left.”
Scarlet: “We were on our way to pick up supplies; we’re running low. When we saw the infected attacking you, we had to help.”
Angela: “Thank you.”
Peter: “No problem. What’s your name?”
Angela: “Angela.”
Jake: “Nice name. I’m Jake. This is Zack.”
Zack: Waves
Jake: “This is Aiden.”
Aiden: “Sup?”
Jake: “This is Scarlet.”
Scarlet: “Hi”
Jake: “And this is our leader,  Peter.”
Peter: “Pleased to meet you.”
Angela: Smiles “Are there any others?”
Scarlet: “Yeah. There are 5 others. You should join us. It’ll be safer than running around the streets.”
Aiden: “Speaking of which, why were you on the street?
Angela: “ Same as you, I guess.”
Peter: Smiles. “Come on. We’ll take you to your new home.”

Scene 3- Peter, Angela, Jake, Zack, Scarlet, Aiden, Jennifer, Scott, Logan, Chloe, Penny
Kids 1-5 and Angela: Walk down a thin staircase. Into open room of basement. Main room contains several sleeping bags, and 6 kids. Penny and Logan are laying down with Chloe who is clutching a stuffed animal. Jennifer is tending the Scott’s scratches.
Peter: “Welcome home. Guys, say hi to our newest member, Angela”
Kids: Hi
Peter: “So lets introduce everyone. Those three are Logan, Penny and my little sister Chloe. The one tending Scott over there is Jennifer.”
Angela: “Are you really all that’s left?”
Jennifer: “No. There’s a fort located around a power plant. There are others there. We think that’s why we haven’t lost power. Yet.”
Angela: “Well, why don’t we go there? Wouldn’t it be safer there?”
Zack: “ We tried. That’s how we all met. But the infected know there are people there. They gather.”
Angela: Looks down, then at the guns. “Where did you get the guns, anyway?”
Zack: “The people at the fort tossed them to us, to try and help. They’re the reason we’re still alive. Now please stop asking questions.”
Angela: “Ok” Lays down and closes eyes. Sniffs. “I miss my parents.”
Zack:-stares at the floor- “We all do. But Peter and Jennifer are the closest thing we have right now.”

Scene 4: Angela
Angela is welcomed home by her family
Angela’s mother: walks over to Angela “ Are you okay, honey? Dinners ready and you’ve hardly had a bite... is anything wrong?
Angela:-remains silent-
Angela’s mother: “Angela?-”
Angela: “Yes! yes, okay... so I might’ve got in a fight with my friend”
Angela’s mother: “Well... can you tell us why?”
Angela: “well, she kept bragging...saying she was always smarter, better, and faster than me, now that I failed my test- and it really made me mad! So... so I called her a stupid liar. Now here we are”
Angela’s mother: “Honey, don’t fight against people who think they’re better than you, as long as you believe in yourself, you can the better person.”
Angela: “Thanks mommy, you always know what to-”


-Angela sees the bodies of her parents coughing up blood, then falling on the floor, falling face forward onto the floor -


flashing images of burning houses, corpses, and “them”


Faded words from her mother: “Always...Believe...In...Yourself...”
Background noises: screams(parents)


Corpses hang, crows scavenge, and a stained moon pours the sky red; it rains blood
Angela: “Noooooo!”

Scene 5:Peter, Angela, Jake, Zack, Scarlet, Aiden, Jennifer, Scott, Lucy, Logan, Chloe, Penny
Angela:-Wakes up startled to find herself the only one in bed--goes around stairs to find the group altogether.
Peter: “ Alright Aiden, I gave you more than enough time to map out the route coordinates
Aiden: “ I know, I know!... I’m just hungry… I think better on a full stomach- besides I told Zack to take care of it!”
Zack: -Silently staring at a map-
Peter: Sigh- “We’re freakin’ starving, Aiden! Now that there’s no one to bring in fresh stuff, finding food is as big a battle as not being attacked! If you had just done this when I asked you to, we would have enough food to last for at least another week!”
Aiden: Looks down, then up at Angela. “Oh, good morning, Angela.”
Angela: “G’morning” (With a yawn)
Peter: “Hi.” (Smiles) “How’d you sleep?”
Angela: “Just awful… I had a nightmare…”
Peter: Nods knowingly. “Well, I would say food is cooking upstairs, but a certain someone didn't plan a safe route to the store like I asked him to.” Gives a hard stare at Aiden.
Aiden: Pretends he didn’t hear anything.
Jake: Wakes up. Yawns. “What’s for breakfast?”
Peter: Glares.
Jake: “What?”
Peter: Rubs head. “Well, Zack, what have you got so far?”
Zack: -Ignores peter and focuses-
Peter: “Okay…”
Angela: “Hey… I was wondering… what happened to your parents?”
Peter: “The same that happened to everyone else…”
Angela: “Do you know how this happened, Peter?”
Peter: “Well, I’m not clear on details, but before my dad died, he showed me a video about an explosion in a pharmaceutical in Australia.”
Angela: “ I guess that makes sense…”
Peter: “Yeah…”
Angela: “Peter… I just wanted to thank you… you know, for rescuing me?”
Peter: Smiles “No problem. When we heard you screaming, we had to.”
Door bursts open upstairs.
Peter: “Crap! The infected! Zack, Aiden, get guns! Everyone else, get into the garage!”
Everyone aside from Zack, Aiden, and Peter: Run inside door to garage.
Zack, Aiden, and Peter: Grab weapons from the pile and gather towards the base of the stairs.
Zombie: opens door to stairs
Zack: Shoots; headshot
Peter: “Come on. There might be more.”
Zack, Aiden, and Peter: Walk slowly upstairs, guns poised.
Aiden: Walks through doorway. “Coast is clear.”
Zack, Aiden, and Peter: sigh in relief.
Peter: “We need to fortify that door.”  
Zack: “…”

Scene 6- In the garage. (Jake, Angela, Chloe, Scarlet, Scott, Penney, Jennifer.)
All: huddling in secret spot
Chloe: holding Jennifer’s hand “Jennifer... I’m scared.”
Jennifer: “It’s alright. We’ll all be OK.”
Penny: “I can’t take this. I need to see what’s going on out there!”
Jake: “Too bad. It’s not safe!”
Penny: “You guys are always saying that! Why can’t I fight?”
Jake: “Because we don’t need anyone else in danger! Don’t you get it? This isn’t some game!”
Scarlet: “He’s right. We’re fighting just to stay alive!”
Penny: Frowns, then slumps down.

Scene 7
Peter: knocks on garage door. “Guys, open up! The coast is clear.”
Logan: “What’s the plan for today, genius?”
Peter: “Well, thanks to Zack coordinates, we were able to map out several routes to the nearest food supplies.”
Zack:-stays silent-
Aiden: “But why? Our last attempts failed, and several of us almost died! It’s useless if we tried again!
Peter: “Would you rather die starving to death?”
Scott: “We can’t risk another fail like this again! Every convenience store we’ve visited was empty!”
Peter: “No one ever said anything about convenience stores.”
Zack:-Tosses the map towards the group-
Peter: “Zack knows a house that’s full of canned goods. That’s where we’re going.”
Logan: “Wait, wha- why the heck didn’t he tell us about this earlier!? Do you have any idea on what we’ve been trying to do all this time? Who even let this guy in!?”
Logan: Steps up to punch Zack...but held held by Jake and Scarlet.
Peter: “At first, I didn’t understand either, but he told me it was a personal matter he didn’t want to talk about.”
Scott: “Wai- Zack talks!?”
Zack:-Stays silent-
Logan: “This guy pisses me off.”
Peter: “That doesn’t matter. We don’t need to like eachother, but we can’t let our problems get in the way of our survival. Now, do we have any volunteers to go?”
Scarlet, Aiden, Peter, Zack, Penny, Jake: Raise hands
Logan: “Grunt” Raises hand.
Peter: “Penny, I’m sorry, but you’re going to need to stay here.”
Penny: “Argh! You never let me go with you! Why not?!”
Peter: “I don’t understand why you want to put yourself in danger all the time! Please just stay here. You can protect the others.”
Penny: Frowns. “Fine.”
Peter: “Everyone else, get your stuff together.”
Montage!!!! Everyone suits up and gets weapons prepped.
Jennifer: “Be careful” looks longingly at Peter.
Peter: “Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. Take care of the others for me.”
Jennifer: “I will.”
Peter: turns and goes upstairs with others.

Scene 8- The trip (Peter, Aiden, Zack, Logan, Scarlet, Jake)
Open door, crew rushes outside
three zombies munching on corpse
Zombies: Sniff, then turn to group. Stand and rush towards them.
Zack: Tosses knife, (impales one zombe’s shoulder, but it recovers quickly)
Zombies: continue charge
Logan: Rushes up to head zombie and bludgeons it with baseball bat
Peter: takes shotgun and shoots. (hits zombie 2 in leg and stomach)
Zombie two: falls, then stands up and limps towards survivors
Aiden: Shoots zombie two again, and it crumples
Jake: Takes knife and rushes up to 3rd zombie. stabs it, then shoots it while it’s down.
Peter: “Nice one, Jake.”
Jake: Grins broadly

Scene 9- Inside problems (Penny, Jennifer, Chloe, Scott)
Chloe: stares at Penny “Jennifer, why is Penny so grumpy?”
Jennifer: “She just want’s to be with everyone else.”
Chloe: “Why can’t she?”
Jennifer: “Peter doesn’t want her to.”
Chloe: “Why?”
Jennifer: “I don’t know, Chloe. I don’t know.”
Penny: “Screw this. I’m going after them.”
Jennifer: “No! You know what Peter said!”
Penny: “I don’t care anymore! Since when was he in charge, anyway? He’s not my Dad, and you’re not my Mom!” picks up a gun and storms upstairs
Jennifer: “Penny…”
Scott: “Wait! Come back!”
Jennifer: “No, she made her choice. If she wants to get herself killed, then let her.”
Angela: Raises eyebrows and looks at jennifer
Scott: looks at Jennifer, awestruck “So you’ll just let her die!?”
Jennifer: “...”
Scott: picks up the remaining gun, and charges after Penny. as he gets to the top, “She was right. You’re not our mother.” then leaves.
Chloe: “I guess it’s just you, Angela and me now, Jennifer.”
Jennifer: “Yeah. I guess so.”

Scene 10- the trip continues (Logan, zombie, Scarlet, Aiden, Peter, Zack, and Jake)
Zack: “Come on.”
Logan: “Huh. So you really can talk.”
Zack: glares
all: run down street
fairly uneventful
further on, they realize there are two zombies on their tail
Scarlet: Shoots one leg down
Zombie 1: falls, crawls forward on hands
Zombie 2: Runs forward
Jake: shoots at zombie 2, miss. shoots again, misses “Ahh!” (Zombie is 3 feet away from him now)
Zack: throws knife at Zombie 2 and it is embedded in it’s shoulder
Zombie 2: tackles Jake
Jake: “Help!!!”
Aiden: Shoots at zombie 2, in the leg
Zombie 2: about to bite
logan: comes in and takes a mighty whack at Zombie 2
Zombie 2: Falls onto Jake, head bleeding
Scarlet: Finishes off Zombie 1
Jake: Pushes off Zombie in disgust
Peter: Helps up Jake
Zack: Come on, almost there

Scene 11-the house(Logan, Scarlet, Peter, Zack, Aiden And Jake)
Aiden: “Hm. Pretty big place.”
Jake: Raises eyebrows and nods in agreement
Logan: “How the hell do we get in?”
Zack: Opens door, waves everyone inside
Logan: Squints at Zack
There is a broken barricade of chairs
Peter: “Looks we weren’t the first ones here. Be extra careful”
All: Cautiously creep forward
Zombie: Lurches out at Scarlet
Scarlet: Screams
Peter: Shoots Zombie, headshot
Scarlet: shakes off zombie “All clear”
All: creep into dining room
Logan: “Nothing in here either”
Zombie: creep towards group, only seen in window reflection
Zack: “Look out!”
Aiden: shoots zombie relentlessly
Zombie: fall backwards
Peter: “Jeez, I’d hate to be him…”
Aiden: Snickers
Zombie: Grabs Zack’s leg from under the table
Logan: Smacks down zombie
All: Walk into kitchen
Scarlet: “Holy crap.”
Zack: Stares at zombies for a while
6 zombies are in corner by oven, apparently unconscious
Peter: “Shh! Everyone take aim at a different zombie. Let’s finish ‘em while they're down.”
All: Take aim,
Zack: turns his head and shoots
All: shoot
4 zombies are dead, other two get up

Scene 12-(Scott, Penny)
Scott: “Penny, wait up!”
Penny: “Scott, go back to the house. I’m not going back.”
Scott: “I’m not making you come back. I’m going with you.’
Penny: “Really? Thank you!”
Scott: “No problem.”
Both: Continue walk
Scott: “Hey…Penny”
Penny: “Yeah?”
Scott: “Did you just hear something?”

Scene 13-(Logan, Scarlet, Peter, Zack, Aiden And Jake)
logan: smashes zombies, “Alright, that’s the last of ‘em… for now”
Peter: “Okay, Zack, lead the way.”
All: follows Zack into the basement-
Jake: “huh”
Logan: “Whoa, this’ll keep us running for a couple weeks or so…”
All: Scavenge for supplies
Aiden: “We’re set! I’m gonna send up the supplies...maybe then, Pete’l stop actin’ like a complete fu-”
Peter: “ OK-Alright group! Aiden, go on and do your part piling up the food”
Aiden: mutters to himself
Scarlet: “ Something seems suspicious...about all this…”
Peter: “ Huh? What’s up?”
Scarlet: “ All this food is here...yet we encountered 9 corpses specifically around the first floor of this house; none in the hall, one in the living room, none by the stairs, and one in the dining room. Only by the kitchen, in the dining room, and by the entrance. Also they all seem to be wearing these weird shirts. Zack you said you were here before, not to mention you seemed really creeped out by the infected upstairs, do you have any clue about what’s going on?”
Zack: Silent
Scarlet: “There isn’t anything you’re hiding… right, Zack?”
Logan: “ I knew it! This D%$# (lol) tried to betray us! There IS something fishy going on here! I’m gonna-”
Zack: Spots a zombie lunging towards Logan
Zack: shoots zombie to the head
Logan: “What the-”
zombie manages to survive and bites logan
Logan- “Argh!”
Crew- run upstairs and outside
Logan- “ Where are you going!? Come back! Don’t leave me here!!”
Zack- turns and says, “I’m sorry…”
Pack of zombies viciously tear of the skin off logan-blood sprays all over
Zack-closes the door and runs-
Logan: “Damn youuuu!!”

Scene 14
All: Silent on the walk back
Jake: “Leave.”
All:-Stare at Jake, then stare at zack
Jake: “I said leave! You’re a waste of space and all you’ll ever do is kill more friggin people! Get out! You don’t belong here!”
Zack:-silence---- “fine”
Zack: Walks away
minutes after Zack left
Aiden: “Hey, do you think Jennifer had a hard time with penny?”
Jake: “ Now’s not the time to be worryin’ ‘bout them man! more importantly, how are we gonna explain what happened to logan!?”
Peter: “Shut up guys, get your acts together, otherwise-”
Screams come in nearby the house
Peter: “Did you hear that?”
Jake: “Sounded like Penny and Scott!”
Peter: “Run! To the hideout!”
All:-sprint towards their hideout-
As soon as they cross a corner they find penny(infected) biting scotts face
Penny: “Ughuuaaah!!”
Aiden: “ Oh shi-”
Scarlet:-intercepts zombie with her “gauntlet”-
Jake: Shoots penny in the chest, then in the legs
Aiden: “god…”
Scott:- coughs blood, ferociously yells, and turns infected, but then gets shot by Peter
Jake: “ Our friends, our team! Why?!”
- Then, suddenly Scotts yelling attracted attention-
4 zombies show up
Aiden: shoots until he empties his mag--- “reloading!”
Wave after waves of zombies show up
Peter: “I really wish we had Logan here right now...”
Jake: “uah...Uah! UAHHHH!! They’re everywhere!!”
Aiden: “C’mon guys, fight! Don’t just stand there having a seizure!”
Scarlet: “Why did you have to send Zack away?!”
All: Fighting against zombies (individual close-up scenes for each character)
Aiden: “Crap, help me out! I’m surrounded!!...guys? GUYS?!”
zombies about to bite Aiden
gunshots come in another direction, shooting all surrounding zombies
All: stare in the other direction
Peter: “Zack!”
Zack: “sorry for the wait, I owed you guys one.”
-Montage: Zack shoots two zombies
Jake: “It doesn’t matter! RUN!”
Aiden: “Go, go! I’ll stay here and stall them, get to safety!”
Jake: “No! You can’t!”
Peter: “No time to argue just run!”
Peter, Scarlet, Jake, Zack: Run for the hideout
Aiden: stays behind and fights to the death

Scene 15-Back at the house (Peter, Jennifer, Chloe, Zack, Jake, Scarlet)
Back at house
Peter: opens door “Go, go go!”
zombies are rushing towards them
All: Barricade door as best they can. Run downstairs, closing doors as they go
Peter: “Everyone, to the garage! Now!”
Jennifer: “Where’s Logan?”
Chloe: “And everyone else?”
Zack: “No time. Get in!”
All: Rush into garage
Jake: Locks door
Scarlet: “Phew”
Peter: “We have tons of supplies. We shouldn’t need to leave for a few days at least.”
Zack: “Logan’s dead. So are Scott, Penny and Aiden.”
Peter: “Aiden died to save us. If it weren’t for him, we might not be here either.”
Jennifer: “I’m just glad you are.”
hold hands with Peter
Jake: “ Guys! We need to get to higher ground! Stop your flirting and start WORKING!”
All:-escalate to the 2nd floor-
Scarlet: “Do we have all the food and ammo?”
Jake: “Yeah… it’s all safe and secu- WHERE’S ANGELA?!”
Angela: crying as she hears moans from outside the garage door


Hey Xander, can you send me a copy of the script?

Hey sorry i havent been on but would someone like to catch me up on everything ive missed lol thanks

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This is another song by Muse. This one was used in World War Z. This is the version without lyrics... Better, Zack?

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Hey, guys I was listening to my favorite band along with my homework, and I thought this would be a good song for the end of the movie/credits. Comments?

Just curious to ask who here in the community is going to take position as camera men/women, and special effects (such as make up artists, action scenes,etc.)

+Xander Petroski +Zack Dimayuga Can I help with CGI/Graphics?

This is for everyone: As you can see we don't have many members... If you know anyone who you think would be interested, feel free to tell them to join!
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