If you already have a 50mm prime and if for your next food Photography lens you could only purchase one, which would you choose next: macro lens or a wide angle lens? Reason(s)? 

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Wiener Apfelstrudel freshly baked today... Taken outside on a cloudy afternoon with Canon EOS 1200D, ISO 100, 55m, F/7.1. I used  white plate  so that  the strudel would stand out  of  the dark background of the table. The light was coming from the right side of the plate, no flash nor reflector was used. The focus is the filling of the pastry and I could hardly make it stand out because of the dark surrounding, so I adjusted the exp. compensation button towards the lighter point.

Feedback would be appreciated!

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The 2nd shot of the Roastbeef with Braised Green Beans... now there is more light  with ISO 200, 23 mm lens, f/7.1 ... it was about to rain in the afternoon when I took the previous posted shot.. what is your opinion +Batsen Belfry, will this be ok?

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Half of the quick Spinach Puff Pastry... taken inside the kitchen on a very late afternoon, Canon EOS 1200D, ISO 800, f/5.6, 27 mm, no flash...
Any suggestion(s) on how to improve this image?

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Fresh fish soup eaten along a Costa Rican beach. Delicious!
(Point and Shoot, natural light, post processing Lightroom ) #CostaRica #foodphotography 

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Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cone

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Thanks for the votes sent
 I will try to give details about this phfoto:
''Cookies for my Angel''
This is done with the phone GT-S7500 not always have at hand the Nikon D90.
Dimensions 2560x1920; F-stop f/2.6; Focal length 3mm; ISO 400;
Artificial light right - up; Don't blit; Used Photoshop is minimal - blur (the top of the photo)

I just was erased photo with cookies. How wrong I was eliminated? I want an answer from the person who took the decision this special.
Photography was introduced to the sweet category. Do not have the dough and biscuit category.

I was here to share my photography knowledge with others..
Since you delete my post without note or clear reason, and I'm very careful to follow the rules, then I can't feel this is my place.
wish you the best.
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