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Please read through THIS ENTIRE POST upon joining this Community. And, Willkommen, Tervetuloa, Soo dhowow, Hoş geldiniz, Ласкаво просимо, Ngiyanemukela, 歡迎光臨,  Bienvenue,  Welcome!

HI Everyone!

Just wanted to touch base and thank you again for making our Google Hangouts some of the most complimented forums on the web.  We're young and growing and the level of conversation is tops.  

In case you are unsure about how to join our Google Hangouts, here are a few tips:

For our #EConvo  Monday evening Google Hangout events, please RSVP when they are posted here in our Community. The Event Page contains tons of info. And it's on the Event Page where we can see your questions for our panelists and have them respond to you live during the actual event.  

Our #EConvo  Hangouts air live on YouTube so you will always be able to view them Live as we air them.  You do not need a lesson on how to use Google Hangout to do this.  Just watch us live on YouTube as we provide the link every week.  They are also available for replay. I've attached a link to our current playlist of previously aired #Econvo   #HOAs  (Hangouts on Air) here.

In the future, such as with September 22nd's "Relationship Roundtable with Dr. Rhonda," you may actually have a chance to participate in the Hangout with us as a panelist, and of course we will still air Live on YouTube for the broader public audience.  I am happy to train you on the Google Hangout format when you are a panelist with us. Just let me know!

Keep a close eye on your e-mail notifications from this community and the #EConvo  Event for which you choose to RSVP. We will always keep you informed of the YouTube link where to join us. We post the link 15 minutes before the event.  

Also, promote, promote, promote. We're here for you on #TalkItUpTuesdays . Promote your event, entrepreneurial and artistic endeavors, casting notices, latest adventures all here with us! We're a global networking community.  Let us know what you're up to! On Tuesdays! 

And what is everyone up to the weekends?  We have a global community. Please post under "Weekend Plans" in our list of topics so that we may have cool ideas for our travels. Let's share!

So being a part of our #EConvo Monday night Google Hangouts and our EPIPHANY Conversation Google+ Community is simple. Hopefully your EPIPHANY Conversation experience will provide you with numerous benefits beyond imagination.

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#HappyNewYear Everyone! We're thrilled to kick off 2018 with our first #BlerdDating Storytelling Hour of 2018 tonight on Twitter at 9pmEST. Joining us are two funny ladies: Holly Walker (yes, that Holly Walker from The Nightly Show) and Karith Foster (Comedy Central). Returning as guest host is our favorite #Toronto podcaster Dr. Vibe from The Dr. Vibe Show! Our #confession to kick off the hour is from #BlerdDating creator Leesa Dean and when she says "I Dated a (Probable) Serial Killer" we know it's going to be a scary tale that brings the funny! Last year our Twitter show quickly became a crowd favorite after a stellar debut with special guest Rain Pryor. Throughout the year many, many fabulous celebs and Blerd-centric personalities dropped by for the hour and helped us push past our goal of 200 million Twitter impressions by year's end. We're on a roll. And we'll look for you to join us very soon! If you're following our hashtag and sharing our fun, thank you! Our fans are the best. See you at 9pmEST on Monday nights!! #Relationships #RelationshipsBeLike #BadDates #Blerds #Happy2018
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Le 09 Octobre 2017 VUE SUR GOOGLE 623400
Lettre Suivi
Monsieur Emmanuel Macron
Président de la République Française
55 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 PARIS
Monsieur Le Président de la République Française
Je m’adresse à vous Le garant des lois, des droits , de L’homme , et du citoyen
Pour qu'on me rende la justice qu’on ma volé depuis 15 ans avec des jugements rendu est non respecté par toute les instance judiciaires des commissariat au conseil de L’Etat
Les juges ont pris mon fils Julien en otage pour exercer un complot avez préméditation
Je joint le jugement rendu le 06 Janvier 2015 plus respecté depuis Avril 2015
Par Madame Francine Thomas Maman
et toute les instance judiciaire Je joint le jugement rendu 06/01/2015
je joins le courrier de Madame Annie Brunet Fuster Procureur Général de la Cour D A’ix en Provence
je joint le courrier de Monsieur Le préfet du Var qui se permet de répondre à votre place pour preuve
Je joint les courriers adressés à Madame Annie Brunet Fuster Procureur Général de la Cour D’Aix en Provence sans réponse de sa par depuis le mois de Décembre 2016
Monsieur Le Président face à la gravité de la situation une rencontre avec vous me serait agréable est nécessaire
Ayant confiance en votre bienveillance, je vous prie d'agréer, Monsieur le Président de la République, l'expression de toute ma gratitude et de ma très haute considération.
se courrier été envoyé le 29 Mai 2017
intercepter par le service courrier de la Présidence de la République le courrier de Mr le Préfet du Var le prouvé
Élysée – Présidence de la République française
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#TalkItUpTuesdays What's new? Please share your news!

I'm back to the grind. This week, I REALLY enjoyed interviewing Anthony Hamilton for NBCBLK. Please read, share and eat!

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We just got into another film festival with #TITLEVIIFilm. More details to come but for now, here we come, #Chicago!! Yay!! Let's DO this!!! #Thrilled #HappyDance #AlrightAlrightAlright!!!

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