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Hey all! Great to find a thriving, supportive community! :-D I'm new to Neverwinter in general, but made my first Foundry quest titled Aerthus in the for reviews list. Please give it a shot and a review. I want to know there's hope for quests like this before I sink to making mindless super grinds. :-P Thanks in advance to all who take the plunge. I hope you find the variety appealing. (Multiple endings per skill set and extra content for some)

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Neverwinter walkthrough Part 8 - Nest Egg

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Neverwinter Walkthrough, Part 3.  If you're having any trouble with this game.

ey guys im new and i just published my first foundry. Here is a little preview.
''Something strange is coming investigate your feelings and find the truth. Because nobody wants to believe you on your gut feeling. The time to act is now.'' short code is NW-DGDRMS2YM
Title: War is coming 
username: dohgoh imperial

Hello people,
First time here in the community and I'm also playing some two weeks at most. I made my first Foundry and really wish you guys would help evaluating and making a review of it .. Thank you.

NW-DL87XZZEC or "O Rapto de Sarah"

I have just published my first Foundry quest titled "Sword Keep".  It is in the "for review" section.  If any of you get a chance, give it a play and let me know how I can make it better.  Thanks!

Hello, everyone. I published my first quest and would love to get some opinions about it. the name is: Eliminating the Threat [NW-DMLUW9V34] It's yet to be reviewd.

Thank you everyone that plays it.

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Hi, fellow authors and members, DrakenARTZsteam has helped me do a video review for

Back to the.. PAST!
by OoKeNnEtHoO

It is in 3 parts. The attached video is part 1.

Part 1: [url]Neverwinter Gameplay Playthrough - Foundry "Back to the.. PAST!" - 01

Part 2: [url]Neverwinter Gameplay Playthrough - Foundry "Back to the.. PAST!" - 02

Part 3: [url]Neverwinter Gameplay Playthrough - Foundry "Back to the.. PAST!" - 03

Thank you, DrakenARTZsteam=)

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Hi, fellow authors and members.

A Youtuber has recently helped me do a 2 part review on my first quest:

A Simple Request

I have attached part 1 of the video to this post.

Part 2 can be found here:
Neverwinter Gameplay Playthrough - Foundry "A Simple Request" - 02

A big thank you to the DrakenARTZsteam for making the video.
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