There's a couple questions I need to ask. I'd like to use the Foundry to make some of my own adventures, but there are some scenes where I need two NPCs to talk to each other, while the Player Character is watching. Is that possible in Neverwinter.

I also might need some tutorials on how to build a more intricate scenes, such as a tavern that starts empty, but grows with each progressive module.

Any help with either one will be greatly appreciated.

Hey guys! I was wondering how to make npc's follow you and fight for you. I know its newbie, but  need help!

Hi All! Newb question, im reading but still gotta a lot to do: i´m writing a little foundry quest as a sort of homage to some books I read as a kid by Rose Estes and such (D&D for kids I guess, I can´t reall other authors). Anyway I´ve seen it at some foundries, foes "stuck" to one place. like nailed at point and they can only fight from there. Sorry I´m very, very bad at getting to the point :) .I don´t mind reading and doing my homework, and any tip will help, I just want a big foe as a kind of "bouncer" that just stays put at some place and just fights from there (i guess i will pick a big one). Im triying to match him exactly to the size of the door so theres no way to go through that passage without fighting him. It would be nice to know how to respawn of "stuck" mobs too -like a horde of zombies coming out to "block" a passage, but my main noob question is that, how to you get enemies to "stay put" at some place and fight and bite and whatever from there? Any kind of info will be hughely appreciated! ps: excuse my english it´s not my native tongue

Guys, i need some help.
I am having troubles with the mobs spawned by the thayan portal.
Is there a way to limit the number of imps spawned?
Why do they ignore walls and obstacles?
Can i set a patrol course/behavior on the portal for the imps to follow?
T, guys.

I'm trying to figure out how to make a group of mercenaries follow the hero around and fight through a bunch of enemies or something. The problem is i want to costume up the mercenaries but i cant figure out how to costume an encounter. Anyone know how to do this? >_>

I am attempting to create my first quest and, of course, I want many complicated details! Basic story gist: questor has to escort a girl, and two fighters accompany them. So, my questions are: How do I get the NPCs to follow the questor, and how do I make the other fighters participate in battles? (The girl just cowers.) Thanks a bunch!

Hi! Very noob question: Im working on a little foundry as an homage to AD&D writers I remember from my childhood. I´ve done my research and well it´s slow but it´s beginning to take form :)). Noob "problem" or question: I´d need some mobs to be attacking and NPC and focusing on them while the NPC defends himself (doesn´t die... :)). I´ve seen then on some quests, I´m sorry english is not my native tongue but how would you make a bunch of enemies to focus on the innocent NPC (so focused you could for example, while not attacking the mob or more than one member, attack them once at a time). Thanks, I´m not lazy on the reading and learning new things so any suggestion be it reading or link or whatever would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and cheers!

Oh sorry another Newb question is there any way to edit or work on your foundry of course not including the writing and thinking outline? I´d love to be able to tweak my map while at work or without the whole NW installed. Thx!

Quick question. Does anyone know how to make the NPC you made attack you when you walk in a room? I can't figure out how.

Ok another Newbie Question! Can I use a Magic Portal as a transition from one map to another and if so how do I do that?
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