I am just checking is this Community live? If people respond then I will post my questions!

Hi everyone, i have a serious problem. I need a multi-answer question, and on wrong answer, bad things happen, but on right answer, you are save. I tried to do that but if you use the "dialogue prompt reached" you cant put multiple ones, as it will require ALL of dialogue prompt to be reached ... so how do i do it?

If you need more detail, keep reading, if you understood well, this is facultative:
My npc asks: "In what order the five kings were born?" possible answers: 5, in wich only one is right. On the 4 wrong answers, npc laughs and disappears, reappearing on a specific location (the player will know what that location is at that point of quest). Also, when he disappears, minions spawn to attack player. on right answer, he just gives the quest item and stay where he is. 
it did as follows:
the npc appears: always. Disappears when: dialogue prompt reached: wrong answer1, wrong answer2, wrong answer3, wrong answer4. Monsters appear when: dialogue prompt reached: wrong answer1, wrong answer2, wrong answer3, wrong answer4. Disappear: never. A copy of the npc appears in other room when: dialogue prompt reached: wrong answer1, wrong answer2, wrong answer3, wrong answer4. 
This appears to be not working, works only when the wrong answer is one. But god, i dont want a riddle with two possible answers! its just 50%/50%. I just want 5 possible answers, 2 possible outcomes (good/bad). Thank you ....

Ok next Noob question. Is it possible to give an NPC a weapon to hold, like a staff? 

I read in the Foundry forum, that on every map need to mark one item "Abort exit true". It is absolutely necessary?

Another question: recently I tested my map, and two normal difficulty melee adventurer enemy dropped 1-1 crypt key after he died. But I dont want this, and in they properties isn't dropped item. Can I to solve this somehow?

Is anybody here?
I have a problem.

In my opinion, something changed in Foundry  - I think since  a latest patch - in the Quest objectives(upper right on the screen, under the Minimap).

In my example quest the first objective: "Talk to Bob". Second objective: "Go to the sewers"(Map transition).

Earlier - when I tested my quest, under the minimap was the Questname(The missing girl), and under it the first objective: "Talk to Bob".
However now under the Questname is: "Go to the sewers."
 Why?! This is not the first objective, this is a second! The first objective(Talk to Bob) only founded in the Journal, but this not like to me.

The same situation in my other edited quests.They were good earlier, but not now.

Another problem: when I completed all objectives in my quests, Reward chest appear, but "Collect your reward" objective is not.I don't understand why, because I not change anything in my quests.

Can anybody help me?(sorry my english!!!)

Sorry my english, I am hungarian player.I need your help: how can I create a mission in which the task is as follows: Kill X(number) enemy, or collect Y(number) items?

Did you know?
If you use on your map  the Crypt door - Iron large(24x13 ft) or Crypt door - Wooden Large(24x13 ft), player interact animation  - Interact push door - automatic played! This is very great animation!
This is dont work with 24x11 ft Large Iron door or 24x11 ft Large Wooden door, ONLY with 24x13!!!
This doors can be selected for:  Details  -> Kit - any  -> Type - any -> in filter : door

Drag the selected door exactly on the door icon in the green connection area!Rotate it if needed.(Map view is "Detail", no "Layout")

I hope, you can use this tip!

Anyone know if there is a /command puts your custom items in your bag while testing? So ya don't have to test the whole thing from the beginning.

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Is there a lever, like the one in this picture, in The Foundry assets?

Hi, i'm new to the foundry, ant currently working on my first project (wich will be a huge one, if I can get to the end of it).
right now my main question is : can you get custom sound/soundtrack in your quests ?
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