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Hey Everyone!
Just updating a bit because I remember how inspired I was by Die Empty. I've brought up the principles and lessons multiple times at work and my UU congregation. 

Applying this to my life, I decided I NEEDED to help my fellow graduate students achieve their goals. Getting together with my friends, I made and (the exciting part) The PhD in Progress Podcast! 

If you're a current or recent graduate student, feel free to give this a listen. I hope to introduce my peers to the concepts I've learned from Todd Henry and others. 

Thank you all!
If you're interested, episode 1 can be found at

Keep rocking it everyone. If you need some motivation again, remember what makes you angry!

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Not new, but seems to be making the rounds lately. Great talk by John Cleese (from way back in 1991) about creativity.

(Transcript is here:

"It's not about the recognition. It's about the impact." Well said, Todd.

Want to share that I read Die Empty prior to reading Accidental Creative.  And I just LOVE how the two complement each other.  I am creating a F.R.E.S.H. sheet that is directly tied to my goals for 2014 (which I was able to laser focus on, thanks to the exercises in Die Empty).  These books are the final two cogs I needed to run the human machine that is ME.  Todd, I feel like you totally wrote them for me.  Oh and one of my goals is to start a local circle of women entrepreneurs here in Atlanta, where I live (taken directly from AC). 2014 is set to be the best year yet!

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A little holiday delay, but the week nine podcast is now available! Stay tuned for the announcement of a live book club event.

This is the most chilling sentence in the book.

"Unfortunately, the radio in my hospital room would pick up only one station, which happened to be an adult contemporary station and its most popular song at the time-- which played every hour on the hour -- was "The Living Years" by Mike and the Mechanics."

Todd, you have a high tolerance for pain. =)

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The two ideas in the book that have been primary and so helpful for me are (1) the Code of Ethics and (2) taking small daily risks to force myself out of my comfort zone.  

Do you have a practice of identifying specific tasks as 'small daily risks' or are you engaged in daily work that automatically forces such risks upon you?

Working through the Code of Ethics helped with the annual practice of having a single over-arching theme for the year...

This is so cool.  Thanks Todd for your hard work and diligence, just know how much it is appreciated.  I am very thankful and grateful to be part of this.

A little news: Just finalized the agreement with Penguin/Portfolio for my next book! I'll be writing it in 2014 for a hopeful summer 2015 release. It will be about how people and companies find their voice. 

Todd, back in Chapter 7 you wrote about journaling. How do you journal? Do you use a notebook or do it via tablet/smartphone/desktop or a combination?
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