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Mutant = Metapod + Tyranitar

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This picture goes to my Profile. Ignore the absence of the wrist and neck accessories.

 Name: Shadara Lyria Darastrix
 Nickname: Shadra/Shade/Forest Guardian/Pokemon Guardian/Dex
 Age: 22 (Not admin's real age)
 Personality: Kind, sweet, caring, and helpful to friends and family. Weird everyday. Funny to everyone (except bad guys). Mean and cruel to bad people. Makes a lot of jokes. Says things at inappropriate times sometimes. Passionate for the protection of Pokemon and gets easily angry about Pokemon getting hurt by human means. Not a girly-girl; more of a tomboy. Always depressed about her past, but is really good at hiding it. Is very mischievous and will prank everyone and anyone, pranks bad guys more often.
 Hair/Hair Color: Long, straight, silver, golden hair that goes down to mid-back. Hates having her hair up and prefers it down.
 Skin Tone: Albino pale, but isn't an albino.
 Eye Shape/Eye Color: Eyes are set an inch away from the nose, the eyes are big, and the pupil is dragon-like. The color is silver blue. Can see very well.
 Height/Weight: 5'10" and 195 lbs.
 Body Type: Curvy and hourglass shaped but also looks like a twig. She is not anorexic.
 Muscle Build: Doesn't look like she has a lot pf muscle, but she is exceptionally strong.
 Fingernails/Fingernail Color: Average fingernails and hates nail polish and nail painting. Same goes with toenails.
 Lips/Lip Color: Semi-full and pink and also hates lipstick and chap stick.
 Skin Sensitivity: Skin isn't sensitive to natural things, but is very sensitive to man-made items, especially needles (she hates them and she says that it feels like somebody stabbing her with a dagger). Can feel things very well.
 Nose Shape: Small, but picks up smells very well.
 Ear Shape: Average, but picks up very high and low frequency sounds as well as hear very well.
 Feet Size: Size 9 in women's.
 Earrings: Two small, stainless-steel hoops. One on each ear.
 Scars: A scar that goes across her right eye, and a bunch of scars on her back from her mean uncles (they carried whips and night sticks).
 Aura Color/ Aura Size: A Lucario read her aura and saw that her aura was expanding out from her body up to 5 feet away and it was bright blue.
 Usage: Able to use Aura Sphere, Aura Heal, Aura Protect, and Aura Sense (Yes, I did make the last three up).
 Her mind, body, and can not be fooled. Can tell if someone is lying and can use Telekinesis and Telepathy thanks to Alakazam and Mewtwo. Has super fast reflexes and is everything about her is over the average person. Can befriend Pokemon very easily and will use them for different tasks, but she doesn't own them, kind of like a Ranger, but she can use these Pokemon more than once (a series of whistles unique for each Pokemon she befriends will have them come) and she doesn't need a Stylus.
 Can be caught off guard easily, and can be knocked out easily if hit on the head just right. Her fears are losing Pichu, her friends, and family, as well as the Pokemon. She will risk her life for these Pokemon and people, usually almost ending up killing herself, as well. She also goes on a rage if one of her friends, Pokemon, or family get hurt or threatened, and cannot stop until they are either incapacitated or until she gets knocked out. She will see red and will not stop. Be wary.
 Torso: A tight black 2-inch-strap-half-shirt.
 Legs: Booty shorts that is black.
 Feet: No shoes and no socks.
 Arms: Nothing.
 Hands/Wrists: Black gloves and a Poketch, Holo Caster, Mega Ring, and a Cross-Transceiver.
 Neck: A black choker with a red gem on it.
 Head: Nothing.
 Pichu: Shade's only Pokemon. Can remember more than 4 moves. Is very much like Shade. Has been with her since they were both born on the same day and time. Has the ability Lightningrod. Her nickname is Chu, and Chu calls Shade her "Mommy" and can speak English, but you and you're is changed to chu and chu're, respectively. Very adorable and has a scar on her left eye. Is not shiny, but learns more quickly than other Pokemon. Doesn't want to evolve. Will stand by Shade till the very end. Is very powerful. Has beaten every gym leader, contest battle, and Elite Four and Champions in every region. Her level is Lv. 100. Max Speed, Attack, and Special Attack. Loves to make fun of her enemies, and after the battle, gets an Oran Berry or Sitrus Berry and heals the Pokemon (unless if it's an actual bad Pokemon).
 Moves: All her Egg moves in gen 6, all of her Level-Up moves, and all of her TM moves in gen 6, plus Iron Tail.
 Bio: Will add later.

Just how do I make a profile? sorry for asking :-l

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My trainer

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pokemon up for grabs!
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These are my character & my Pokémon.

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My trainer.
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