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Tom-Anita Morgan

Our Cookbook  - 
LOBSTER TACOS with MANGO SALSA...want something really special for Cinco de Mayo? Try these lobster tacos! And have a great fiesta! 

Serves:                  2 Makes about 1 cup; any left over salsa should be refrigerated and used as soon as possible. Oh golly, what a burden. LOL

Prep Time:         15 minutes

½  ataulfo mango, skinned, seeded and chopped. Note that these yellow skinned mangos are deliciously sweet.
3 apricots, seeded and chopped
¼ cup red Bell pepper or mixed color little peppers, chopped
2 green onions, chopped
2 tablespoons cilantro, chopped
1 green or red jalapeno pepper, chopped small
2 tablespoons lime juice, usually 1 lime
1 to 2 pinches sugar depending on apricot and mango sweetness

1. Mix ingredients in a ceramic, glass or stainless steel bowl. Cover, and let age for at least 30 minutes before serving.
2. Serve at room temperature.

Serve at room temperature with any Mexican or Tex-Mex dish such as tacos enchiladas, burritos, carnitas, huevos rancheros, fajitas or quesadillas.

Lobster Tacos
Makes:                               2 of 8 inch tacos
Prep time:                       20 minutes or so
Cooking Time:                10 minutes

2 of 8 inch wheat flour tortillas, corn if you prefer
2 small lobster tails about 6 inches long
some cabbage sliced into thin strips
2 tablespoons of peanut oil or butter
1 pinch of sea salt
1 pinch of granulated garlic
1 cup of our Mango Apricot Salsa

If you have a ceramic tortilla warmer, soak the lid for 30 minutes or so and warm the tortillas in a 350*F oven for 10 minutes. If you don't have a tortilla warmer, heat tortillas in a non-stick pan over low-medium heat about 1 to 2 minutes per side.
1. With a kitchen scissor, cut the bottom shell along the two outside edges of the tail being careful to minimize cutting the tail meat.
2. Remove the bottom shell; insert a finger under the large end of the tail meat and sliding it under the meat, separate and remove it in one piece.
3. Dry the meat and powder it with the salt and granulated garlic.
4. Heat the oil over medium heat in a 10 inch non-stick pan and saute the lobster for about 6 to 8 minutes or until it is no longer translucent, turning a couple of times . Set aside until assembly of the tacos.
Assembling the Lobster Taco
1. Lay each warmed tortilla on a warm serving plate and lightly cover with shredded cabbage.
2. Lay one of the lobster tails on top of the cabbage and cover with our Mango Apricot Salsa.
3. Form the taco into a cone shape to fit the lobster tail and pin closed with a toothpick.

1. Serve with whatever side dish you choose; say refried beans, Cuban beans, or whatever.
2. Garnish with avocado, mango, apricots, guacamole, lime wedges or whatever you choose.
3. Serve while still warm.

Bon appetit,
Tom and Anita
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Get more Cinco de Mayo recipe for these super yummy tacos on our website at
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Thanks +Gwynn Kawakami It tastes as good as it looks!
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Indrani Sen

Our Cookbook  - 
Baked Pineapple Fish

This recipe is also an innovation when there was a cut pineapple in my refrigerator and fish fillets left  to be cooked.The pineapple provides its natural color ,aroma and sweetness to the dish.Fish and vegetables can be a healthy and filling dinner.I am missing a pineapple piece in the garnish.But unfortunately I did not have any left :(


1.Basa Fish Fillets or any fish fillets boneless
2.Garlic 2 to 3 cloves
3.Ginger 1 inch
4.Green chillies (3)
6.Pineapple pieces(5 to 6)
7.Fennel powder( 1/2 tbsp)
8.olive oil (1 tbsp)
9. Chilli flakes 1/2 tbsp

1.Grind the ingredients together into a fine paste
2.Apply on the fish for 15 to 20 minutes
3.Bake the fish in preheated oven for 15 minutes at 150 degrees.
4.Serve with grilled vegetables
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Thank you +Tom-Anita Morgan I am really happy that you like it
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Curry-Mango Pesto

This and the following weeks I will concentrate on some asian flavored pesto. The preparation is the same as for a normal pesto, but with the flavors of the ingredients it will also remind you of some asian sauce like satay.Today I will only present the pesto itself, from next week on recipes using this pesto will follow. Till those recipes you have to be creative on your own. Of course I would be happy if you share your own ideas with me and the readers of my blog!

200g cashews
100g sunflowerseeds
120g grated Parmesan
1 mango
2 tbsp. curry powder
sunflowerseed oil
salt, pepper

Preparation (~10 portions):
For this weeks recipes we will first roast the nuts and sunflowerseeds in oil till the cashews turn a bit brownish. 

Afterwards cut the mango in pieces and put them together with the nuts and seeds into a blender. If the mixture is too dry for the machine you can already add some oil. Then also add the parmesan and curry powder.

The mixture has to be blended while adding oil till the preferred consistency is achieved. At this point you can also add some salt and pepper for a better taste.

For storing the pesto you can put it into a jam jar and put some oil on top of it to prevent it from going off.

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thank you +Tom-Anita Morgan +Sharon Lam . I'm very happy that everbody likes it :)
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Tom-Anita Morgan

Our Cookbook  - 
GRILLED PORK MEDALLIONS with HONEY-BALSAMIC GLAZE and PASTA SALAD...Summertime and the grillin' is easy (apologies to Cole Porter ) but we're having so much fun with our barbecue that it's positively sinful. We picked up a fresh pork tenderloin and decided that what we really wanted was barbecued medallions with a balsamic marinade and glaze.
Serves:              4 
Prep Time:     10 minutes 
Cook Time:    10 minutes 
2 pound pork tenderloin 
1 t crushed garlic
1 1/2 T fresh rosemary, chopped fine
1/4 C balsamic vinegar glaze
1 T olive oil
1/2 T Dijon mustard
1 1/2 T honey
Pinch of salt
Fresh ground pepper

1. Combine glaze ingredients in a small bowl, set aside.
2. Cut tenderloin into 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" pieces and cover with glaze on both sides and all around each piece. You'll use about 1/4 of the glaze. Set pork and remaining glaze in the refrigerator for several hours. You'll use the remaining glaze mixture when serving. 
3. When ready to cook preheat the grill for about 10 minutes on medium high heat.
4. Add the medallions to the BBQ and grill for about 5 minutes a side. 

1. Spread the glaze artfully on a warmed plate or put it on top of each medallion.
2. Serve with a veggie or side dish of your choice. The extra glaze can also be used for a sauce for the side dish. We chose to serve the pork with a pasta salad that will be covered later. 
Bon appetit,
Anita and Tom      
 Check out the recipe and more info on our blog @ ... and Happy Grillin'
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+Joy Stewart We love the taste of balsamic too. Sometimes we mix the glaze and the regular balsamic depending on how thick we want it and if we don't have time to reduce it but it's always delicious! We do not use any marinade once it's been exposed to the meat. We'll brush the meat with the glaze while it's cooking but after that we throw away the remaining glaze. The only exception would be if we boiled the glaze to make sure it isn't tainted by the raw meat. If the glaze has not touched the meat, we'll put it in the fridge in a separate container and serve it with the dinner. How about you? How do you deal with the remaining marinade?
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Simples Recipes

Our Cookbook  - 
Taboon Bread Recipe for MUSAKHAN – Palestinian Sumac Chicken with Caramelized Onion 
Taboon refers to the Clay Oven which is used to make this type of bread , traditionally. We can make it at home using a very hot conventional oven.

For the Taboon Bread:

10 ½ oz plain flour
7 oz bread flour plus upto 7 oz extra
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ‘Fast Action’ Dried Yeast
1 ½ Tbsp zataar spice
1 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp olive oil
325 ml warm water
2 Tbsp Zataar and / or 1 ½ Tbsp Sumac for sprinkling


Sift both flours using a sift reserving the extra 7 oz of bread flour separately
Add the instant yeast, sugar, salt and zataar spice to the flour mixture.
In another bowl combine the warm water with olive oil.
Add the water solution to the dried ingredients and stir to completely mix the flour into a soft, sticky dough.
Cover the bowl with a wet cloth and leave to ‘prove’ for 10 minutes.
 Turn out the dough onto a floured surface.
Flour your hands too. Add just enough of the reserved flour to be able to knead the dough. Knead for 10 minutes into a dough that is very sticky and still shiny. (You can use a dough scraper to help with the sticky dough).
Oil a bowl well. Also oil your hands. Turn out the dough into the oiled  bowl and turn a couple of times so that the entire surface is oiled.
Smoothen the surface.
Cover with cling wrap and leave for 1 hour till the dough has risen.
Flour your hands well. Knock down the dough gently. On a floured surface, divide into 6 equal portions. Roll each ballon floured surface  into an 18 cm roundish shape. (Doesn’t have to be perfect).
Place each round onto 6 lightly floured pieces of cloth.
Use a water spritzer to spray a little water over surface and then sprinkle the zataar and sumac over the breads. (I sometimes omit the  zataar here).
Leave to prove for 30 minutes.
Meanwhile preheat the oven to MAX Temp, placing a pizza stone or old tray with some (clean) small stones on it. It needs to get very hot.
Place 1- 3 pieces of bread at a time on the stone. Close quickly and allow to puff up and get golden.

( Do not open the oven too often, The temperature will drop. Take the bread to the oven along with the cloth on which it is placed. Carefully  flip over and fold the cloth in from both sides to peel it off easily. Then flip onto the hot stone. Slide out the oven rack on which the stone is placed if your oven is smaller and close the oven quickly ).
Set aside the baked breads and Prepare the Musakhan. Serve with Toom (Middle East Garlic Dip) and extra caramelized onion dip if desired.

For step wise images, and Musakhan Preparation #bread , #Musakhan , #recipe  
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+Simples Recipes Thanks.. Your Great Idea with a Little change.. I've put pictures up of it on my Page 
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Natala Orobello

Our Cookbook  - 
Gratto: Italian Shepherd's Pie
This is comfort food. You can add or remove ingredients, depending on your favorite filling. You can make it totally vegetarian or add a different meat. It's up to you, but regardless what you do, you will find this recipe absolutely delicious!!!

2 tbs. olive oil
2 lbs. of chop meat
1 onion (chopped)
parsley - chopped
2 cups baby peas
1 cup cooked and sliced mushrooms
2 cans of tomato sauce (8 oz.)
salt and pepper to taste
4 cups of creamy, buttery mashed potatoes
1 cup of 1/2 seasoned bread crumb and 1/2 grated Asiago (combine well)
Read the recipe at:
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Oh, looks and sounds super delicious! :) 
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Tom-Anita Morgan

Our Cookbook  - 
Profiteroles + Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce...
Since Tom prefers cooking to baking I'm in charge of the baking department... so another cooking adventure for Simon and I.  And we all love sweet things and especially chocolate, I couldn't resist this recipe posted by our friend and fellow food lover, +Azlin Bloor  Although I think hers were quite a bit taller, these were definitely light as a feather and really delicious! Combined with French vanilla ice cream and topped with a very thick (as you can see), warm chocolate sauce. The dessert was a huge success that everyone enjoyed.
+Azlin Bloor's recipe:
Mine made 15 profiteroles

2.82 oz. or 80 grams unsalted butter 
3.38 oz. or 100 ml water
3.38 oz. or 100 ml whole milk
1 t caster sugar (very fine sugar...I put sugar in the spice grinder to get the fineness)
3 eggs
4.05 oz or 120 g plain flour
pinch of salt
ice cream (flavor of your choice)
chocolate sauce (your favorite brand)

1. Place the water, milk, butter, sugar and salt in a medium sized saucepan on low heat and bring to a boil.
2. As soon as it boils, remove from heat and sprinkle with the flour, beating with a wooden spoon until it all mixes together.
3. Return to a low heat and continue stirring for another minute. The dough should come away smoothly from the pan.
4. Add the eggs and continue beating with the wooden spoon until the dough starts coming together again.
The dough can be used to make eclairs as well and it can be filled with your choice of ingredients. We chose ice cream and chocolate sauce.  

1. Preheat oven to 200*C/392*F.
2. Fit the nozzle into a piping bag and place bag into a medium sized glass. You can also use a plastic freezer bag with a small triangle cut at one corner about 1/2" in length.
3. Fill the bag with the pastry dough.
4. Squeeze balls on a baking sheet about 2" wide, leaving space between each one so they have room to expand. They will double in size.
5. Bake in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. Look at them before the 20 minutes is up to judge the amount of time in the oven.
6. Cool on a wire rack.

1. When cool, use a serrated knife to cut in half. 
2. Scoop out some ice cream and place on the bottom half. You can also use cream puff filling or whatever filling you choose.
3. Place the top half of the profiterole on top of the ice cream and then pour your favorite warmed chocolate sauce on top. The sauce we like is very thick and, even when it's warmed, it remains thick. It was a very special treat!
Bon appetit, 
Anita and Tom

#French #French American #dessert #sweets #eclair  #creampuff
#chocolate   #icecream  
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Your mom must have good taste +Paul Binns ;>))
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Brittany Allan

Our Cookbook  - 
Peanut and Sesame Soba Noodles

This recipe was something I had been looking at trying to make for a while. When I finally got round to it i kept mucking it up and I was getting a bit carried away with the peanut butter, I put too much in and it was too thick and not great at all.. (whoops!).  I always make mistakes in the kitchen! But the more mistakes I make, the more I am learning! 
But this recipe works! I promise! :)

This recipe uses soba noodles but would also work with any other noodles.

 Peanut and Sesame Soba Noodles

Serves 3-4


1 T oil (I use coconut)
1 onion - thinly sliced
2 cloves garlic - crushed
1 capsicum - thinly sliced
1 large or 2 small carrots cut into julienne (long thin strips)
270 g Soba noodles
1 T sesame oil
sesame seeds to garnish

1 T Sesame oil
1 T soy sauce
2 T Sweet chilli sauce
75 g crunchy peanut butter


Mix all sauce Ingredients together.

In a fry pan, saute onion, garlic and capsicum in oil.

Prepare noodles according to packet instructions.
(I boiled a saucepan of water then added the soba noodles to the boiling water for 3 minutes.) Drain and refresh with water and mix through 1 T sesame seed oil to prevent from sticking.

Add carrots to the onion mixture and stir.
Add sauce and noodles and mix together.

Garnish with sesame seeds
Serve immediately
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+Brittany Allan Welcome, darling !!! :) 
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Lisa Watson

Our Cookbook  - 
Rosemary and Garlic-Rubbed Roast Leg of Lamb

Easter has been and gone, but roast leg of lamb is not just destined for that long weekend!  This roasted lamb leg was what I actually cooked for my Italian side of the family on Easter Sunday.  Now, it’s not because we actually celebrate any kind of religious holiday, but my husband’s parents and some of his cousins and his uncle happened to be over in France for the long weekend to go to the beach, so it was the perfect time to cook up a leg of lamb! We always try to take advantage of the fact that (nearly) everyone is in the same place at the same time, otherwise we’d end up seeing them just at Christmas time.

To make the lamb juicier, I threw a whole lot of cherry tomatoes into the roasting pan with it.  They came out wonderfully!



Leg of Lamb - 1
Garlic - 3 Cloves
Rosemary - 3 - 4 sprigs
Olive Oil - approx 1/4 cup
Cherry Tomatoes - 750g (1 1/2 lbs)
Salt and Pepper - to taste


Take the leg of lamb out of the fridge 30 minutes before you want to cook it.

Heat the oven to 200ºC (400ºF).

Peel and slice the garlic cloves. Wash the rosemary, dry it, then run a knife over it to crush the leaves a little.

Put the garlic slices and rosemary in 1/4 of a cup of olive oil. Rub this mixture all over the lamb.

Wash and dry the cherry tomatoes.

Cover the bottom of the roasting pan with a thin layer of olive oil, then place the lamb leg in the pan.  Arrange the cherry tomatoes around the lamb.

Roast for 30 minutes, then turn the oven down to 130ºC (260ºF). Baste the leg of lamb with the juices from the bottom of the pan every 20 minutes.  Cook it for another 1 1/2 - 2 hours depending on how done you like your lamb.

Slice the lamb and serve it with the tomatoes and juice on top of it.

Find the recipe and discover a New Zealand tree that's not a tree at all on:

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Oh mouthwatering! :)
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Lisa Watson

Our Cookbook  - 
Foodies Lab - Lemony Mint Grilled Prawns from +Indrani Sen

We fired up the bbq in the weekend.  I had some great-looking prawns that I wanted to cook and remembered that Indrani had just posted a recipe to use them. I actually had all the ingredients, so that was an excellent start!

The marinade was super-easy to make.  I didn't end up putting the prawns on skewers with the peppers because we have a plancha on the bbq, so I just threw them directly on it.  It worked wonderfully!  We had roasted red peppers on the side (but I forgot to take a photo of them.

I'll be making this often during the Summer.  It was delicious!  Thanks +Indrani Sen !

You can find Indrani's original recipe here:

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Thanks +Jasmina Brozović !  It was fantastic and so easy to make! +Indrani Sen had a great idea!!!
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Tom-Anita Morgan

Our Cookbook  - 

GRILLED CHICKEN ROTISSERIE and 'chokes' ... Since the weather's good now, we're taking every opportunity to grill before the summer heat sets in. We had Such a great experience With our Rotisserie Grilled Leg of Lamb, That we DECIDED to try a chicken with the same marinade. Because of a lemony snicket, We Were Unable to grill it the day We had planned so it marinated for two days in the fridge. We were a little concern concerned; but trust in fate to AT LEAST get a good lesson if we do not eat well. As it turned out there was no need for Concern, the chicken was very good. The skin nicely browned locking the juices inside, so we had a wonderful and very flavorful meal With lots of leftovers for sandwiches and salads. The roasting garlic smell dominated the neighborhood and we HAD to fight off the uninvited neighbors. LOL.  The chicken has-been marinated in a 2 gallon zip lock bag. An aluminum pan to catch the juices made ​​from heavy weight foil and the rotisserie spit cleaned up and ready for the chicken. Artichokes are the vegetable of choice Because They are grown heavily in the Monterey area and I Have Been eating them since I was a boy ; chicken and chokes ... you just can not beat it. The way we eat them is not fancy; but we waste nothing That is edible. They are serve with organic mayonnaise With Which I lightly dust cayenne pepper (capsicum). We steam them for 45 minutes or acerca Until an outer leaf is tender. To eat them, we peel off the leaves one by one, dip in the May and pull off the pulp side Against Our upper teeth. Delicious, and as one gets Further into the core of the choke, the leaves get more tender Until the inner leaves are edible up to the tips. When the leaves are all eaten, we cut the filament part away from the foundation and stem and after cutiting it into bite size pieces, dip in the May and eat. Very tender and delicious with a delicate flavor. Below is the recipe for esta all purpose marinade. We did not photograph the cooked meal Because The cooked food just does not do justice to how good it tastes. . This is just one of Those meals every day of comfort food taste better than That They look For the marinade; C 1/2 Extra virgin olive oil 1/4 C fresh squeezed lemon juice 4 cloves garlic, sliced ​​thin 1 T dried oregano 1 t salt  1 t fresh ground black pepper (NOTE:. This is an all purpose marinade for grilling garlicy and barbecuing) Put the marinade in a two gallon zip lock with the chicken and refrigerate over night. The next day, put the chicken on the rotisserie and cook over medium high heat for 45 minutes to acerca an hour or Until the deep inner temperature Reaches 160 * F. Remove from the spit, let rest for a few minutes and cut and serve. Serve the whole artichokes on the same plate with a side plate for leaves. Add a dish of mayonnaise or aioli to dip in Which the artichoke leaves and heart. Enjoy a meal native California. Hey dude, surf's up; let's catch a wave ...
For more pics check out our new website @  
Bon appetit, Tom and Anita
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+Imran Samoon If you are not going to grill it I would suggest cutting the chicken in half lengthwise and place each half in a baking tray and roast in the oven @ 350 for 1 1/4 hours. You can also place each half on the grill. Check out our roasted chicken recipe @ This post gives you step by step instructions. You'll get the same crispy skin in the oven but cutting it in half gives you better over-all  cooking and doneness. You can use the marinade as the rotisserie cooked chicken. It should be delicious! Let us know how it turned out.
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Joy Stewart

Our Cookbook  - 
Rosemary Garlic Cheddar Chicken Roulade

I don’t have a curing chamber, but I do love me some fancy lunch meats. Hmm...what to do? I remembered a long-ago experiment by my then roommate (also my foodie guru) where she made a garlic and rosemary roulade with some fantastic biodynamically organic chicken breasts and I had the idea of using the roulade slices on a sandwich. They were amazing. Remembering that long ago chicken dish, I decided that would be a fabulous and fairly simple way to create for myself some fancy lunch meats. So, here we are. Rosemary, Garlic and Cheddar Roulade. Butterflied and tenderized chicken stuffed with a trio of delicious ingredients is perfect on a crunchy roll. Pictured below is the sandwich I made with baby spinach and mayonnaise. Really worth the effort!

Rosemary Garlic Cheddar Chicken Roulade

Makes enough for 4 -6 sandwiches

4 chicken breasts, butterflied and pounded thin (about ¼” thick)
3 large sprigs of rosemary, woody stems discarded and leaves chopped
8 cloves garlic, minced
6 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, finely grated
2 - 3 Tablespoons olive oil
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste

Season chicken breasts on both sides with salt and pepper. Spread a thin layer of cheese over one side of each chicken breast, then sprinkle all over with rosemary and garlic. Starting from the thinnest side of the breast, roll up tightly. Secure with kitchen twine along the length of the roulade approximately every 1 - 1.5”.
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Add olive oil to cover the bottom of a large saucepan over medium heat. Sear the wrapped chicken (roulades) on all sides, about 10 minutes total cooktime.
Transfer chicken roulades to a baking dish and bake in oven for an extra 10 -15 minutes, or until thermometer shows internal temp to be 165 degrees. 
Slice into approx ¾” rounds and use in sandwiches.

For more delicious recipes, visit my blog at:
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Read my food posts in an app here: in beautiful magazine format (the Google Currents app works for android, smartphone, iphone, tablet, ipad.  Details here:

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Thank you, +Azlin Bloor​! They were simple to make and really punch up a sandwich. :) That's a good question; they were fairly moist--perhaps because I seated them first? If you wanted them more moist, covering sounds like an excellent idea. :)
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With limited facilities the presentation of these garlic prawns doesn't do justice to how delicious they were! However the mess and empty plates should show how good they were! Blue prawns are found in the pacific in Fiji and I found them in Noumea.

Recipe: Blue prawn with garlic

1kg prawns clean and remove shell I leave the head and tail on. Side a knife down the back of prawn to remove the poo trail

1 head of garlic
Peel & chop very finely a head of garlic

1 white onion
Peel & chop an onion very finely

Bunch of parsley
Chop parsley finely

200g butter
200 ml olive oil

100ml dry white wine Riesling is good

NOTE: You will need a heavy based pan or a wok. You may wish to cook in a couple of batches which is fine just divide oil butter and garlic accordingly. You can combine all later

Put equal parts butter and oil in pan. Cook onion until transparent. Remove the cooked onion and reserve.

Add more butter and oil and throw in the garlic and prawns cook toss and stir until pink in colour. Throw in wine

Finally then throw the onion back in and finish off with parsley


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Clearly lol 
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Tom-Anita Morgan

Our Cookbook  - 
It's great fun to be creative and especially with food as you get to reap the benefits by eating your creation. So it goes with this delicious pasta salad. We wanted a side dish that was light, tasty and colorful using fresh ingredients. Our choice was a pasta salad with a Mediterranean flair.
Serves:                              4
Prep Time:                     25 minutes
Cooking Time:               11 minutes 

For the salad:  
8 ounces rotelli pasta
4 white anchovies from Spain
4 ounces artichoke hearts, sliced
1/2 small red onion, chopped small
6 assorted sweet mini peppers, seeded & chopped in rounds
3/4 cup sugar plum tomatoes cut in half
1/2 cup Kalamata olives, cut in half
3 ounces crumbled feta
1/4 cup chopped parsley
Fresh ground black pepper

For the dressing:
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/8 cup red wine vinegar
1/8 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice
2 T balsamic vinegar
1 t sugar
1/2 t oregano
pinch of salt
fresh ground black pepper

1. Cook the pasta for 9-11 minutes or according to directions on the box. Drain and rinse with cold water. Spray lightly with olive oil and mix to keep it from sticking together while you prepare the rest of the salad.
2. While the pasta is cooking, mix all of the dressing ingredients together and set aside.
3. Slice the peppers and artichoke hearts, cut the olives and tomatoes in half and chop the onion.
4. Transfer the pasta to your salad bowl, add the remaining salad ingredients and toss.
5. Add the dressing and toss to mix completely. Place in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight for the flavors to blend together.

1. Just spoon it out on room temperature plates or into bowls.
2. Garnish with some parsley or the pepper tops with short stems. Try something colorful and different; you might surprise yourself.
Bon appetit,
Tom and Anita

#pasta   #lunch   #dinner   #italian   #italianamerican   #pastasalad   #mediterranean   #feta   #kalamata   #balsamic   #whiteanchovies  
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Thank you so much, +Sharon Lam  We love colorful ingredients!
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Joy Stewart

Our Cookbook  - 
*Brown Butter Pecan Brioche Pudding with
Bourbon Brown Butter Sauce*

Butter Pecan Brioche Bread Pudding with boozy sauce. Just say it to yourself and you'll know exactly why I allowed myself to be seduced by this idea. The idea for this was sparked because my new boss has a pretty sweet (no pun intended) ice cream maker and was describing the rich, custard-y chocolate ice cream she had made. It caused me to dream of making my favorite flavor at home: butter pecan. Well, I don't have an ice cream maker and I'd been planning to play around with another style of bread pudding and bam--this dish was born. I added my own little twist to the idea of butter pecan by using nutty brown butter in both the pudding and the sauce. Sweet and spicy cognac and bourbon in the sauce compliment the rich butter flavor and crisp toasted pecans. This is an easy yet impressive dish to make for company. If you chill the sauce you may notice it separating. It will come back together when warm and sufficiently whisked.

A word about the choice of bread: If you can find brioche or have a good recipe and don't mind making some, definitely use it; it really gave the pudding a much softer consistency, so it was more like a custard than a bread pudding. This was the consistency I was shooting for and I think it can best be achieved with soft bread like brioche or challah, although brioche is best.

Brown Butter Pecan Brioche Pudding with Bourbon Brown Butter Sauce

For the Pudding:

4 cups stale brioche, cubed 
4 egg yolks 
2 whole eggs 
1/4 cup cream 
1/2 cup brown sugar 
1/2 cup milk 
2 teaspoons vanilla extract 
2 Tablespoons clarified brown butter 
1/3 cup whole pecans
1 tiny pinch of salt

1. Assemble the bread pudding: grease a 9 × 9 inch baking dish and lightly press the brioche into the dish to compact it somewhat and make it easier for the egg mixture to be absorbed. 
2. Whisk together all other pudding ingredients and pour equally over entire pan of bread cubes. Press once more to get eggs absorbed. Cover and chill for a minimum of 3 hours and up to overnight. 
3. In the last half hour of your pudding chilling, make your sauce (see below instructions).
4. Preheat the oven to 325 and lay your pecans in a single layer on a greased baking sheet. Ladle a small amount of sauce over them and toast for between 5 - 10 minutes. Set sauce aside and cover to keep warm.
5. Turn the oven down to 300 and bake bread pudding for 25 to 30 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean. Be careful not to overbake.
6. Chop toasted pecans and sprinkle over each portion before serving. Cover each portion with a generous amount of sauce. 

For the Sauce:

3/4 cup sugar 
1/4 cup brown sugar 
3/4 cup water
2 Tablespoons cognac 
2 Tablespoons bourbon 
1/4 cup cream 
2 Tablespoons clarified brown butter

1. Add water sugar and salt to a small saucepan over low heat. When sugar has dissolved add cognac and bourbon. 
2. Reduce to 2/3rds of its original volume by continuing to cook sauce at a lazy simmer. 
3. When it has been suitably reduced, add cream to warmed brown butter. Whisk to combine. Slowly incorporate this into your sauce and remove from heat.
4. Use sauce for pecans and to cover bread pudding.

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+Joy Stewart Welcome, darling! :) 
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Tom-Anita Morgan

Our Cookbook  - 
SOURDOUGH BREAD and STARTER...Here it is! We've been making sourdough bread off and on for years. The first round of making sourdough we were lucky enough to get a wonderful starter from a professional bread baker. This time we started our own. Now, as it's aging, it's getting better and better! When this loaf came out of the oven Tom and I looked at each other in amazement. It's picture perfect. As potters, it's like opening the kiln and seeing your creations finished. Definitely a WOW moment!
You can see from these pictures that the well formed loaf has risen well and produced a bread that has the texture and shape of a commercial sourdough.
It starts with a ball of dough that has been kneaded directly on our granite countertop and finally rolled into a more or less seamless ball.
 It is then allowed to rise in a covered bowl in a warm room until it doubles in size or so. Then the kneading process is repeated as is the rising albeit with shorter times. The dough is then baked and voila...a loaf of sourdough bread that will can be eaten with butter or olive oil or made into sandwiches or even eaten plain it is so good.
  There is the whole process that we arrived at after some trial and error. This recipe works for us and we are sure it will work for you. So if you enjoy breadmaking and eating, try it out.
Sourdough Starter:
2 cups organic, unbleached all purpose flour
2 cups water slightly warm to the touch
1 pkge dry yeast (1.25 ounces)
In a glass bowl, mix the yeast into the warm water and let stand for 10 or 15 minutes for proofing.
If the mixture shows no signs of activity, the yeast has expired. In that case start over with fresh yeast.
If the mixture is foaming or bubbling, mix in the flour stirring until thoroughly mixed.
Cover with a light towel and let stand in a warm (~73* F to 85* F) room for at least 24 hours and until activity slows down (usually 1 to 2 days).
If you intend to make bread immediately, remove 1 cup to use and  replace with 1 cup warm water and 1 cup flour and cover for another 24 hours  or so and then store covered until needed. Note: We store ours in a glass bowl in the cloche either in the kitchen or pantry.
About once per week, the starter should be replenished with 1 cup of warm water and 1 cup of flour. If the bowl is getting full, either bake some bread or discard some starter.
Note: The starter is composed of living yeast organisms which will die if not fed and allowed to become active about once a week or so.
Sourdough Bread:
INGREDIENTS: Quantities for 1 commercial sized loaf.
4 cups of organic, unbleached all purpose flour
1 cup of the starter after feeding and letting rise for a day
2 teaspoons of salt (Himalayan if possible)
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 1/2 cups +/- of water that is slightly warm to the touch
Place all of the ingredients in a medium to large bowl and mix with one hand thoroughly or until the dough ball will remove most of that dough stuck to the bowl.
Set the dough ball on a slightly floured surface (we use a smooth countertop) and knead using two hands for 10 to 15 minutes. Develop a sort of rolling motion that alternativley rolls the dough out and brings it back together. It is exactly the same as a ceramicist preparing clay and is excellent excercise for your hands and arms. Finish by rolling into a smooth ball.
Wash the bowl, dry it and wipe some olive oil around on the inside. Place the dough ball back into the oiled bowl and roll until lightly covered in the oil.
Cover and let stand for 1 1/2 hours in a room 73*  to 85* F.
Remove from the bowl onto a lightly floured surface and repeat the kneading for 5 to 10 minutes or until you can stretch out a piece thin enough to see light through without tearing.
Form into a ball, cover and let rise again as before for 45 minutes.
Now it is ready to bake. 
BAKING: We use an old unglazed ceramic cloche with parchment paper.
Place the covered cloche, not soaked at all, in the oven and warm to 400* F.
Roll the dough out of the bowl onto a a piece of parchment paper and shape slightly so that it is round.
Cut a cross about 1/2 inch deep in the round and spritz lightly with plain water.
Carefully remove the hot cover of the cloche and lift the dough by the parchment paper edges and set into the hot base. Re-cover the cloche and bake at 400* F for 45 minutes.
Uncover cloche and the loaf should be fully formed and light tan colored.
Leave uncovered for another 15 minutes and the loaf should be browned on top and dark tan on the sides.
Remove from the oven and let cool on a rack for 30 minutes or until you can't stand it any longer and cut a piece to taste.
Enjoy freshly baked sourdough bread with butter or olive oil or just plain. Delicious!
Bon appetit,
Tom and Anita
If you want to get started making sourdough bread check out our website for a step by step recipe.
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Thx! +Yana Poghosyan We'll let it be known...
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Indrani Sen

Our Cookbook  - 
Foodies Lab -  Musakhan from +Azlin Bloor 
I got this wonderful ingredient Sumac from Nature's basket sometimes ago and was waiting for the right time and the opportunity to cook this tasty and interesting recipe posted by Azlin sometimes back.The dish was delicious.It was less spicy and the flavor was different as I had expected.Specially the sauce of onions was awesome.I couldn't get taboon breads ,So just served it during dinner time with plain rotis or Indian flat breads .I didn't get pine nuts either so used my favorite roasted watermelon seeds to add crunchiness to the dish .Needless to say that I enjoyed ,cooking serving and eating this wonderful Palestinian dish.Thanks +Azlin Bloor 

you can get Azlin's original recipe at
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It is nutty and crunchy +Joy Stewart 
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Brittany M

Our Cookbook  - 
Egg Salad Sandwich

Okay, I know it's simple.  But this is by far one of my favorite things to eat in the spring.  I don't know why only in the Spring, but I wait for it every year.  

Everyone has a good to Egg Salad Sandwich recipe, whether they like is a little spicy or filled with other ingredients.  It's one of those things, that you can always make your own and has a habit of never tasting the same way twice.  

This is my sandwich, it's my go to for lunches and one of the things I make at the beginning of the week when I am trying (I am emphasizing the trying part here!!) to plan ahead and meal prep for the work week.  

Egg Salad Sandwich
Serving: 4 sandwiches

6 hard boiled eggs diced
2 tbsp. mayonnaise
1 avocado halved, seed & skin removed, diced
1 tsp. kosher salt
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. granulated garlic
pinch cayenne pepper
2 tsp. lemon juice
2 celery ribs small dice
2 green onions thinly sliced, green and white parts`
8 slices whole wheat bread toasted

1. Place eggs, avocado, salt, pepper, garlic, cayenne, celery and green onions in medium sized bowl and toss gently to combine ingredients. Add in mayonnaise and combine through out. Serve on toasted whole wheat bread with butter lettuce and tomato slice if desired.

Tip: How to make the perfect hard boiled egg?
I place my eggs in the pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil. Turn heat off and cover and let stand for 10 minutes (I use a timer). Place in an ice bath and let cool before handling.

Wish I had a tip for peeling eggs. Usually I wear gloves and for some odd reason this seems to help when I'm doing large batches. No clue if it actually works though or is just my mind wishing it was actually easier this way.

What's your peeling egg tip?

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+Joy Stewart Welcome, friend! I do like both! I guess I'll like it! :) :) :) 
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Indrani Sen

Our Cookbook  - 
Mysore Masala Dosa(Rice and lentil pancakes stuffed with spicy potatoes accompanied by cooked seasoned lentils)

This is very popular snacks on the streets of Mumbai.The street food vendors have very special way to prepare this snacks which makes it very appealing to the masses.Originally this dish belongs to South India, a city Mysore.The specialty of this dosa  is a red chilly and garlic chutney which is spread on one side of the dosa before adding the potato filling.
+Dan Toombs   of foodies+ has also posted a recipe for Dosa here:

This preparation has four steps

1.Preparing the batter
2.Preparing the chilly garlic spread
3.Preparing the filling
4.Making the dosa
Ingredients for the dosa batter
1 cup regular rice
1 cup boiled rice
½ cup spilt black lentils or urad dal
¼ cup poha/flattened rice
¼ tsp fenugreek seeds (methi)[optional]
salt to taste
water as required for grinding the batter
Preparing the batter

1.Soak the lentils and fenugreek seeds in a bowl.Soak rice,boiled rice and flattened rice in a separate bowl .
2.Strain the water from the lentils and rice and grind them separately in the grinder into a smooth paste.Add little water if required.
4.Mix the rice and lentil mixture together and mix well.
5.Add salt and let the batter to ferment overnight for 8 to 9 hours.

Ingredients for the red chilly chutney or spread

2 tbsp roasted chana dal
4-5 garlic cloves
3 dry red chilies, soaked in warm water for 30-40 mins
1 tsp seedlees tamarind
1/2 cup onion, roughly chopped
salt as required
Preparing the chutney

1.Grind the above mixture to form a smooth chutney

Ingredients for the potato filling

1.4 to 5 potatoes chopped into cubes and parboiled
2.Curry leaves 5 to 6
3.Mustard seeds 1/2 tbsp
4.Roasted Bengal Gram Dal (1 bsp)
5.Onions (1/4 th cup)
6.Chily powder (as per taste)
7.Turmeric (a pinch) chilies (2 chopped)
9.Corinader leaves (a bunch)

1.Add a tbsp of oil in the wok
2.Add mustard seeds ,and when they start spluttering add curry leaves
3.Add roasted bengal gram dal and chopped onions
4.Add potatoes.
5.Add turmeric and chilly powder
6.stir and cook till the potatoes and soft and do not leave the sides of the pan.
Preparation of Dosa

1.Heat a non stick frying pan till very hot .
2.Sprinkle water on the pan so that steam comes out.
3.Wipe the pan and sprinkle little oil or butter
4.Add a ladle of batter and spread out in the form of a dosa
5.Spread the garlic chutney on the batter and add the filling on the crepe.
6.Add a tbsp of butter on the filling.
7.Grate some beetroot and carrots on the filling and fold the crepe in the form of a triangle.
8.Serve with chutney or sambar dal
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Thanks +Joy Stewart Only stuffed potatoes look similar.otherwise they are completely different dishes.Aloo paratha is like stuffed flat bread while these are more like crepes made of rice and lentils batter
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Joy Stewart

Our Cookbook  - 
Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies

What could be better than buttery thumbprint cookies, topped with your favorite jam? Introducing peanut butter into the mix. Think of it as a PB & J, but for dessert. I had a couple of jars of this fabulous four fruits jam (cherry, strawberry, red currant, raspberry), so I wanted to do something special with them. Thumbprint cookies were a good idea in the “something special” category, but to make it even more so I decided to change the cookies from butter cookies to chewy, rich peanut butter cookies. They’re my dad’s favorite. I’m thinking I’ll probably have to make these for him the next time I visit.

Peanut Butter Thumbprint Cookies

Makes 2 dozen

1 cup flour
½ cup peanut butter
½ cup + 2 Tblsp brown sugar
½ cup + 2 Tblsp sugar
2 eggs
1 stick butter, softened
¼ teasp salt
¼ teasp baking soda
1/2 Teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ cup jelly of choice (I used a preserve called four fruits)

1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Grease a baking sheet.
2. Whisk together dry ingredients. 
3. In a mixer on medium-low speed, beat together sugars and butter until they form a paste. Add eggs, then peanut butter and vanilla.
4. Turn speed down to low and add dry ingredients. Mix until just incorporated.
5. Drop onto cookie sheet in rounded Tablespoonfuls. Press center of each with your thumb gently to form a well.
6. Bake for 18 minutes, or until cookies are set. Reflatten the thumbprint and fill it with the jam of your choice. Serve them warm, if possible.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and I welcome your feedback!

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Thank you for the kind words, +Meri Rasoi​! :D I hope you enjoy them if you make them.
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