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If you are looking for ‪#‎Experienced‬ ‪#‎Logo_Designer‬ who ‪#‎Design‬ 
your ‪#‎Logo‬ in a very ‪#‎reasonable_Price‬ so,visit :

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Haybrook IT is sponsoring the JavaScript CodeRetreat this Saturday 10th May!! It's a day of pair-programming around a common programming challenge. Over 5 to 6 45 minute programming sessions and you get to work with a variety of people and work on improving your day-to-day coding. The Oxford site is synchronising with groups from Cologne, Munich and Barcelona so it's an international coding event!! For more info check out less less Haybrook IT will be sponsoring the event and providing morning pastries #JavaScript   #jQuery   #Oxford  

Has anyone worked with OAuth? I have a 3 month consultancy project with an expanding Software House client in Oxfordshire. Can you DM me your experience or pass over the details of a recommendation - £625 referral fee set up on this role. #ITSecurity   #oAuth   #Authentication  

We typically charge between 8% and 15% on top of our contractor day rate to our clients, meaning that it is a fair deal for all involved. Be sure to ask what your agent is charging for your services as we will always be transparent with our contractors and freelancers. #Contractors   #Oxfordshire  

Oxfordshire based technical networking event that I am sure you are all aware of - Haybrook IT are due to be sponsoring it again next month.  #beersonhaybrook  #OGN36

Obviously this page is set up to encourage open networking between contractors, so please help each other out as much as possible to promote one another's services and refer your Oxfordshire based companions. If you need any further help finding staff, then you know where my colleagues and I are.
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