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Late October Autumn in North Vancouver, B.C.
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Another community.
As if I didn't get
Enough sleep
No never because
I'm a member of torcher and mayham
You can see the embers burning
My soul is toasted
And molten
Walking is more of
Lava flowing
Deep on the depths
As Earth turns
Clouds dissipated
And Tornados
Carried my soul
Into a vacuum
Deep down in
Spaces that
Time itself

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The mind

When it gathers
Grows and stores
Every bit of information
It accumulates
Gathered data
It calculates
Math and Scientific
Factual evidence
A matrix of digits
Aligned in congression
To evaluate situations
Complex mathmatic
Equations mean
A formula
Presenting all data
And compilations
As the mind
Grows older
It breaks down
And the math
Runs in reverse
To already know
The end result
I'll get back
To ya'

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Sometimes I feel strange
When my ignorance becomes a thorn
Sometimes I feel enlightened
When to get it right
Sometimes I don't feel anything
When my heart becomes closed inside
Sometimes I feel like a stick of dynamite
With a short fuse ready to explode
But most of the time I feel full of love and understanding
Other times I pinch myself
To see if I'm still alive
If to feel it's pain then I realize
Sometimes I might just think too much

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Some total eclipse photos 2017-08-21. Made with a point and shoot cannon camera (G10) with eclipse glasses held over the lens.

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~ Human-Nature ~

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From Around my Hood (c)Aug30.2017ggust
Tourists rewinding from harbour pleasures.

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For a smile...
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