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Material Kolors Free, Contact Tiles Plus and Map Paper ARE DISCONTINUED!

Get supported versions here
Material Kolors*

Contact Tiles*

Map Paper*

*Some features require OH1 Unlocker

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Contact Tiles 4.0 is here!

Contact photo generator got big update with total redesign, more intuitive UI and few new features to spice up your contacts even more 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Get Plus

or free

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Get both apps at lowest price possible!

Map Paper Live Wallpaper

Material Kolors Material Palette Plugin for KLWP
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Map paper meets KWGT!

Since Android 8.1 quick settings panel and some launchers (e.g. stock Pixel Launcher and derivatives) can change their theme based on live wallpaper colors.

Map Paper 1.2 introduces formula $br(mpaper, feat)$ which allows you to match Kustom widgets with launcher look.

Formula returns following values:

4 - standard QS look, launcher with white text and backgrounds
5 - standard QS look, black text and white backgrounds in launcher
6 - dark QS theme, dark launcher backgrounds with white text

Using those values along with some clever IFs you'll able style your widgets for your liking (that is if Map Paper is your current live wallpaper)

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If you want to help translate Map Paper to your language you can do it here

(contact me if your language is missing, so I'll activate it)

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Map Paper Live Wallpaper just got update with some neat features you asked for!

◾option to keep location at fixed position [PRO]
◾manual / random map coordinates [PRO]
◾option for random colors at refresh [PRO]
◾extended colors palette with pure white and AMOLED black (see gray theme)
◾ability to mix colors from different themes

Get it from Play Store



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Material Kolors - material palette plug-in for Kustom
is currently on sale till end of the week.
It may be good moment to give it a try if you haven't yet ☝️

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Material Kolors 2.5
Lot of changes here (see description in Play Store) primarily now you can create shortcut or Tasker action not only for main colors, but also for their shades.

That means you can apply any color combination with single click!

Go and tinker with it's worth it :)



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Contact Tiles 50% off

Grab it while it lasts, and give your contact photos clean, modern and unified look.

Choose from endless combination of included avatar and colors or create your own!
Contact Tiles Plus
Contact Tiles Plus
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