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I am the tide, and I cannot be turned.''
-- Nami
Name: Nami
Age: 18
Species: Siren
Likes: swimming ,singing , practicing her attacks and powers
Dislikes: dieing ,arguing and hurting people
Skill: using her staff to protect and fight
Personality: nice, kind, caring ,protective
Bio: Nami channels the primal energies of the ocean, harnessing its mystical restorative properties and commanding the raw power of the tides themselves. Though many doubted her, Nami had the bravery and determination to take on a dangerous quest when no one else would. Now her people believe she is the Tidecaller, a chosen one destined to complete a quest essential to the survival of her entire race.

The Tidecaller's sacred duty is to acquire a moonstone, a powerful object found only in the towering reaches of the surface world. Her people, the Marai, rely on the moonstone's light to ward off the terrors of the depths. However, the stone's power lasts only one hundred years. Before its light fades, the Tidecaller must journey into the Great Deep, retrieve an abyssal pearl, and carry it to the surface. There, on the night of the winter solstice of the hundredth year, the Tidecaller makes a ceremonial exchange with a landwalker bearing a moonstone. By trading the pearl for the moonstone, the Tidecaller ensures the survival of the Marai for another century.

However, in Nami's time, as the hundred years drew to a close, no Tidecaller had been found. Without a chosen one to complete the quest, her people would face disaster, but the Marai waited in faith that the Tidecaller would appear. Nami refused to sit idle, insisting that without a Tidecaller to save them, someone had to act. Bravely, she decided to begin the quest herself and ventured alone into the dangerous depths. None expected her to survive, but after six days of battles with untold horrors, Nami returned with the pearl in hand. The Marai hailed her as the new Tidecaller. All that remained was for Nami to journey to the surface and complete the exchange.

When Nami arrived at the surface, however, she found only an empty shore. She waited for days in a mystic cove, unsure of what to do. In all the legends of the Tidecallers, the bearer of the moonstone had never failed to arrive. Nami faced a choice. She knew the surface world only through tale and rumor, but the survival of the Marai depended upon her. Summoning the tide to bear her ashore, Nami began her search for the moonstone and became the first of her kind to explore the world above the ocean. She left her home behind, and vowed not to return until she had completed the Tidecaller's quest.

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*Verak sighs as he wipes the sweat off his forehead, it's been 5 days sence the injured hock hit the rock in the middle of the ocean. Everything was going just fine, Verak had returned to the boat after a successful mission given to him by the Pirate Federation, truth be told he hates the federation. He finds them to be far to pompous and full of themselves. Well the captan had given Verak, his second mate, the day off to wrest. He was in the middle of a dream when his replacement Dell asleep at the helm and wrecked the boat into the sand bar and broke the steering ore and put a whole in the side. So for the past 5 days the Injured Hawk Pirates have been attempting to patch the boat, which isn't easy when you have to drive nails under water.*


Mean and Brave pirates have sailed the seas for many centuries to search for treasure on many mysterious island which most say that their treasure has the shiny jewels and amazing gold but during their travel they encounter mermaids or sirens as they like to call it as they swim singing their beautiful song to make pirates to be lire by their singing but these pirate were very brace but some were attractive to their music and so a pirate captain saw a mermaid who was perfect to keep as a pet/slave her pretty face her voice and her shiny pink tail that shine in the sunlight so he dove after her and capture her she tried to break free from his grasp and so he brought her back to the ship and kept her in his room and chained her on her wrist and her neck as a slave and put her in a big tank so he can keep her and see her beauty and hear her singing (Open Rp)

Carol was caught in a net and she tried to escape but a group of pirates saw her and surrounded her and smirking at her and staring at her beauty and how she would make a perfect pet (Open Rp)

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(Open Rp)
You were a Pirate Captain and you were cruel and evil and you wanted to capture a mermaid princess and keep her as your pet so you and your men was on a island searching for her and then you saw a mermaid caught in a net and so you then you hid behind a rock and you watch and you smirk

Carol was sleeping on the the beach and then she woke up to hear a group of priates and so she hid behind a rock and hide without being capture and she heard the captain of the priates plan of capturing a Mermaid

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Name: William Cooper

Age: 24

Weapons: two swords, two hidden blades, four flintlocks, many other tools and weapons.

Abilities: Stealth, Investigation, Assassinating

Crew: No crew, would like to join one.

Role: Pirate, Assassin

Bio: He was a Pirate that went from ship to ship, looking to make big game. As time went on, though, he lost hope, and in the middle of a mutiny, He was marooned on an unknown island. Turns out that island was the Assassin sanctuary in the Caribbean. They accepted him and trained him in their ways.
Now, he is an Assassin, looking to join a crew searching for any Templars that seek to take over the Caribbean.
He is 5'11", has green eyes and black hair. He wears the assassin's robes with the main color being red and the secondary being white.

I stood on the large ship, holding the wheel and smiling. I looked down at my compass and then to the small town that i was reaching. I docked my ship and I walked around the town, then you saw me, recognized me and you...
((Female wanted.))
((Pp or Hangouts.))
((No text/letter talk.))

((it's been so long whoops))

She watched the sea and its slow waves. The storm now completely gone. She breathed a sigh of relief. Anymore, and her small boat would have been ruined. Captain, I've kept the treasure safe. She whispered.
((Open RP))

(Closed to +Royal Melody Rose​)
Zalina sat on the beach, spinning her knife between her fingers, looking out onto the horizon. You then come up behind her...
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