Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a great weekend.
Do you know a good hosting provider by any chance? Mine is OVH and I keep having problems with them, my website is currently down, AGAIN :( . I'm not a webdesigner so I'm lookign for an affordable one but with a good support.
I would really appreciate if you could share your experience with me.

Kind regards,


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Guess What? Surprise! You never stretch enough... Here are 3 simple stretch routines you can do whilst boiling the kettle. Plus your cat will love the attention too...

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Really great read about happiness that makes you think. This is why I book several holiday's in January for the coming year... You have to have something to look forward to.

Hi Guys, my name is Leona (Lee) and I am currently working full time in the Finance Industry. I love fashion, make up and I am pretty much a girly girl. I have recently started a blog to talk all the things I love and I have also put a few videos up on Youtube. I am not a techy person at all therefore I do struggle with my blog and making videos. I will do my best to support you guys as much as I can. Thanks for having me Lee ;o)

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Great article I came across from Vistaprint. I use these guys for all my physical marketing and they have been an amazing support for my business.

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Want to check out my tasty take on an old Italian favourite? #vegan #lasagne I swear, you won't even miss the meat http://ow.ly/KFDtH

Hello everyone : ),
I hope you're well, ready for a relaxing weekend? 
Just a quick question. Do you know a place similar to St Albans (with a few shops, a cultural life etc), not far from London with good links so it'd possible to live there but work on London? Any suggestions? Merci! 

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A lovely quote...made by me for once :)

Hi All, there is apparently a way we can feed our facebook posts into our google plus. Anyone know how and opinions on whether it's a good idea? Thanks!

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