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Neural networks encompass algorithms to do pattern recognition or machine learning. You could use it to learn from the motor neuron activity and define patterns and map these to motor commands of the quadcopter. 
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I would like to ask all of you for your feedback :-).

I'm redesigning my robot Hello Spoon to give it a more friendly and cleaner look. This is the first body concept and it would be awesome if you can write in the comments the first thing that came to your mind when you saw the picture.
Thank you very much!

All your help and honesty will be appreciated (also if you have any question about the robot, please ask!)

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I'm trying to design 3D printable gears that mesh well with a micro servo's gear/shaft.  Has anyone else tried this?  Do you have any suggestions for doing this?  The micro servo's shaft/gear teeth are so tiny my printer can't print teeth to mesh with it.  

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The first test of the ball balancing robot controlled by Arduino MEGA2560.

Sorry I haven't been able to get on here lately, things have been super busy for me, how is everyone doing? 

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A great full open robot !
PIC24 based and compatible with lego bricks.

Hey all,
I've been pricing out the possibility of outsourcing the production of plastic parts to make kits.  The quotes are coming in at around $4k for tooling and $3/each for the plastic parts. 
Does anyone know of a more cost effective way to produce a small-ish run of parts?  Perhaps 100 sets?

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Working on FIRA demos for Bay Area, Kansas City, Detroit and New York Maker Faires!
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