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doing a live stream where i do a ref for EMI-loid
i cant draw humon so i have to draw hurse ye

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NEW UTAU 2017 😄😄
◼Original by Toa

◼UST by Echo
◼ Her download is here ➡

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This is my new and upcoming UTAUloid Wakana Akagure, her voicebanks are CV and are already recorded. Her voicebanks are Native and Kire, she'll be an alt-typed UTAUloid.

Miyako Aoi's Append is close to being done, I only need to finish the Whisper bank, and the art. Aoi's append is much clearer and smoother than the original CV banks (the Append is also CV).

Aoi and Akagure will be released together, and go up for beta testing together.

So what goes on in this community? Do we just post covers? Mine aren't that good plus I've only done this for about four months.

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My friend and I released our UTAUs' beta banks!

You can check them out here:

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Hey there! This is my UTAU's (Tsukine Hana) ACT 2 VCV. She was released July 29th, but I just joined so I figured I may as well post her. You can find more information about here here:

Hi, I'm Fukase, but my Utauloid's name is Zeno Natsune, can someone help me to record my Utauloid voice, and I'm so confused for the "oto", I created the design and I would like to receive advices

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So I tried my English vccv again owo hope you guys enjoy it
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