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BUSINESS EVENT! Learn how to SET UP your company in Spain: the fastest way that will save you time and money. Balcells doors are open for you next Tuesday the 24th at 19:00!

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Are you coming to Barcelona by plane and do not know how to get to the center or to your apartment? Read the following article and we will explain how to get from the airport to the center by public transport. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any advice during your holidays in Barcelona or if you need us to recommend tourist apartments or any restaurant in Barcelona.

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you don't know?i'm contacting plenty of countries hahaha...
Meralco i'll teach you something join other collection in other countries and follow others to use private messages and use G+ in desktop or laptop computer only using google browser or chrome google remember what i said in radio news radio media's said officials will approve in Nuclearisation of Philippines talk to other countries using same as Meralco corp. Nuclear is bad others trace silo's and nuclear reactor and powerplant that can easily be bomb and targeted by missiles thats why USA wanna trace China's Nuclear facilities and Kim Jhong Un of North Korea and i think Prime Minister Kim Jhong only do what he needs to do for his Nation and people Traces USA Nuclear Facilities they can be bomb the old ways of electricity is better USA is full of Nuclear Facilities it can produce abnormal Climate if malfunctioning,speak to other electricity provider like arab countries for cheap oil ask help if you use oil in Meralco,you know i don't wanna pay Globe internet and Meralco bill my address is in my profile,it's not named upon me,i really won't pay bills,you do nuclearisation if you want it's not my problem

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La Sagrada Familia inside

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Micro Fue hair transplant is the latest and most famous hair restoration technique this time. you can get 60-70 hair grafts planted into 1 cm2 which guarantee you high density of hair in the frontal area and you front hair line.
Book your appointment now during June and get a discount by 300$ on your total operation cost.

Zen hair transplant center is the best hospital in Turkey for hair transplant and plastic surgery. Our surgeon OLCAY SAYGIN has 17 years of experience in the hair transplant field.
We have been classified as the best hair transplant center in Turkey according to the Turkish Ministry of Health.
Our hospital is ISO and Temos certified.
We are the only hospital who gives you a real guarantee agreement signed from the ministry of health.

Our services:
1-Beard and mustache transplantation.
2-Hair transplant for men and women.
3-Plastic surgeries for men and women.
4-New techniques with men and women.
5-Hair transplant with no pain using the Perkutan technique.
6-Short time recovering and fast results.
7-Hair transplant according to Mega session technique who guarantee high density of hair.
8-A real lifetime guarantee agreement.
9-A free medical kit.
10-A free Prp injection.
11-Free shampoo and lotion (one bottle per type)
12-Friend's offer for each customer bring his friend with him.
13-Free hotel accommodation for 2 nights.
14-Free transfer service between airport, hotel and hospital.
Zen hair transplant center not only transplant the hair for you, It is also transplant the confidence in you.

Our contact our medical team on these phone numbers:
🔵Facebook messenger:
🔵WhatsApp Direct: April's discounts for all hair transplant surgeries by 250$. ISO certified : ISO:9001 , ISO:10002
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Tapas route is a route with participated restaurants/bars that offer a drink and a tapas at a reduced price, which is usually just equal to the drink itself. The route opens only on Thursday. It means that on the other days of the week, going to these participated restaurants and you still have to pay for a drink and tapas separately.

A tapa and a drink from just 1.95€!

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