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I am trying to compile a bank of the conventions that take place in Oklahoma where we could bring the World Tour. So far I have:

*TwisterCon (Midwest City, OKC area) March 25-26

*SUPER! BitCon (OKC) April 2-3

*SoonerCon (Midwest City, OKC area) June 24-26

*Tokyo in Tulsa (Tulsa) July 15-17

*SoCON (Bixby, Tulsa area) September 17

*Wizard World (Tulsa) October 21-23

Hello all. New to this site. I live in Oklahoma City and looking to play/run some DCC game. I also have the MCC PDF and want to try that as well. Contact me at or here.

(Let's post this in the correct area - d'oh!) Anybody with a DCC game in the Oologah, Collinsville, Claremore, Owasso, or Tulsa area looking for more players?

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+Grady Moore takes over Channel Zero for a day for his DCC Earthdawn conversion!

Any games in OKC March 15th? Only in town for 1 day. :D

+PJGamersLLC - do you carry DCC products?

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I don't know why I dig back into old shit.. maybe someone finds it interesting.

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Found this post on the main G+ DCCRPG community. Curious as to your thoughts.

Do you allow thieves to sneak or hide AND backstab in the same round? Does sneaking or hide use up an action die?

Tangential: If a Thief were fighting with 2 weapons would they be able to get backstab bonuses to attack and damage for both attacks?

I haven't bought an adventure module in years but I'm really intrigued by the look of the DCC offerings. Do any of you have recommendations about any of them?
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