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Hello. I'm so sorry not for posting or anything. My computer had a virus and we couldn't get it removed for a very very long time.

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~Role play~

Caitlin was outside, enjoying the sun. She was drawing in her sketchbook. The drawing was a cat, quite an aggressive cat, fighting another cat. She then saw someone. it was Piers, son of Zues. Caitlin put her pencil in her page and walked up to the male. "Hello!" Caitlin smiled warmly.

Would anyone like to roleplay? I'd like to use Piers, son of Zeus.

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F u l l n a m e
Piers Luduvico Moretti
A g e
G e n d e r
G o d l y P a r e n t
S p e c i e s
Ethnic Background
Italian, Greek, A little bit of African American

Sexual Orientation
Sexual Orientation Definition
Meaning he is attracted to the opposite and same gender.

Anna-Maria Moretti

Step Mother

Able to summon small storms, hurricanes, and light showers
Immune to lighting
To control gusts of wind and air
Able to create fog and clouds
Mainly his powers, but also works with a sword; golden and Ruby red handle complete with a silver blade.
His Peryton, Lilith getting hurt
Any form of fire is able to harm his powers and him
_~He has a Peryton named Lilith_
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+Hannah Guan
ZODIAC program entry

Be warned. this example is Caitlin's life before Camp Half-blood. it contains violence, pain, drinking and smoking addicts, and worst of all, a little girl ripped from her step father and mother at a very very young age.))

"LILY YOU HAVE TO STOP DRINKING AND SMOKING! IT'S THE BEST FOR CAITLIN!" Joey, my stepfather yelled at my mother. he punched her and she crumpled to the ground. I was right outside the door the whole time. At this time, I was 6 years old and my mother and step-father fought a lot. I lived in ireland and had a mostly happy life.

One day my mom woke me up and said we'd be moving to New York. I for one was sad because I had a couple of really close friends at school but mom ignored my complaints. We booked a fight and flew there. it took so long I thought I would die. After the flight we got an apartment and got some sleep. The next day we drove and drove and drove. We got to Long Island New York and kept driving.

We were driving when I saw something that looked half-man half-bull. I yelled at my mom to stop driving and she halted to a stop, making us all lurch. I quickly took out an emergency knife my step-dad gave me. We jumped out of the car. My mom ran forward with a knife but the minotaur threw her against a tree. Blood gushed out of her head and I knew she would be dead in minutes. My step-dad ran forward with a gun but the minotaur did the same thing to him as he did with my mom. "MOM! DAD!
(she called him dad because she didn't know beforehand) I was crying and very angry. I ran toward the mintaur with my pocket knife and stabbed him in the leg, stunning him. I ran up his leg and to his head. I cut off one of his horns and yelled because he grabbed me. I breathed heavily but managed to get out of his grasp. I stabbed him in the heart, making him fall to the ground and turn to dust. I ran to find help. Three people came toward me and saw I was bleeding terribly. I don't know what happened after that.

I woke up with a sore chest. Someone in front of me said "eat this. it's ambrosia." After I ate it I felt a lot better. I stayed there for a few more days until something i never thought would happen, happened.

It was my birthday at what was called Camp Half-blood. WE don't have really big birthdays in my family, so this was huge for me. We had a big party for me and everything. When we were at the campfire, a figure of a man erupted from the flames. It said. "I am hades. I claim Caitlin McKenna as my daughter." he gave me a pocket knife and said "if you take this out and point it at an enemy, it'll become a Stygian Iron Blade."

That's my story

Word count: 300+(i didn't count the rest of them when i got to 300.)

Request to have Piers Moretti claimed as the son of Zeus.

jacob solar son of Apollo
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