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(Wolf profile)
Name: Kico
Gender: female
Pack: none yet
Pups: none
Mate: open
Past: got into a big fight with an alpha wolf and got a scar just missing her left eye
Personality: cam jump really high, good for hunts, and a great warrior

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Name: Shadow
Age: 3 years old
Gender: male
Pack: Winter Pack
Rank: beta male
Mate: Open
Pups: None
Personality: very strong and dominate wolf other than all the others male he is a very talented fighter not so much with hunting he has loyalty but only gives his loyalty to those who deserve it he can be really prideful at times following by getting to cocky he is also very stubborn at times
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Name Beast
Age 3=24
Gender male 
Status loner 
Pack none 
Mate none 
Pup none 
Personality Secretive 
Bio Unknown

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Name: Kishan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Status: Warrior
Pack: Silver moon Pack
Mate: None
Pup: None
Personality: Strong, Caring, Protective, Agressive
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